Magni Guzzi Breathes Again

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by Old Jock, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Yes after lying on a slab for years then being totally dissected and resurrected I wheeled the Magni, or Fugly as some know it on here, out into the Garden for a glorious start.

    Didn't quite go as planned, pushed the button and that damp feeling on my leg wasn't excitement, it was the fuel level transmitter (which is a Thermistor, figure that one out) leaking at the tank fitting.

    Short intermission when the tank was removed and O Ring inserted, which seemed to do the trick.

    This is poorly edited video of the second attempt.

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  2. got the wheelie bins in i see. yer looking a bit greyer there OJ. that M,Guzzi has aged you dude.
    looking and sounding good btw. :upyeah:
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  3. Tell me about the grey, I wish that was the only thing that ageing brought Finm

    Just getting it ready in time for the snow
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  4. Great stuff - see you've got the "Dealer" standard security gates too :upyeah::upyeah::upyeah:
  5. I've always had a soft spot for Guzzi since having a V50 way back.
    That is a great looking example, and a proud moment for you.
    Thanks for the share.
  6. You might have to into YouTube to see it but look at the cooncil on the Wheelie Bins & you'll understand why wroughtiron
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  7. Looks like it rattles like a bastard :)
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  8. What a superb machine. Well done for giving it life.:upyeah:
  9. Nice to see a Magni alive and well, though do they all shake-rattle-and-roll like that?
  10. Couple of reasons for the bike having the shakes, like masel on a Sunday morning

    All Guzzis shake and move at close to idle especially older ones due to the in line crank, once on the move you don't notice it, well I don't anyway. It's especially noticeable in the head on view

    That really was a first start, it started quickly because it was already primed from the aborted first attempt when it pissed fuel down my leg, in fact it was after I fixed the leak that I decided "what the hell I'm goanna video this"

    As the bike had been to bits the only thing that's been done prior to the video was a TPS reset, so the air screws and throttle bodies are still out of whack & needing adjusting & balancing (still are as of now). You can here it's backfiring away on the LHS cylinder. On top of that the low down fueling of all Sportis's (the donor bike) haven't the best mapping.

    The video was recorded at 25 FPS so there is a bit of aliasing occurring, it magnifies the shaking, not the actual displacement but it appears at a lower frequency, making it look worse. I knew it was vibrating but it just didn't look or feel nearly as bad as it appears on the video.

    The thin section CF mudguard (you can see through it at certain angles) and screen also both flex alarmingly easily, burst a few of these screens just accidentally brushing against them on another Magni.

    Finally perhaps I've just completely arsed the build. :scream:

    I'm just happy it fired and didn't grenade (for now)
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  11. I also forgot to mention @Exige made me up a pair of custom battery cables from off cuts of leads that he makes for a whole slew of Ducatis.

    As well as having his cables on my 1098, the Magni also now sports a pair of his battery cables.

    As well as helping me out of hole, he sold me custom length, really great quality cables for what amounted to no more than beer money.

    I love this forum I've hardly met any of you but the people I've came into contact with are terrific, reminds me I must start subscribing again.

    Really grateful for the service @Exige many thanks
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  12. Thats nice.
  13. A proper bike,hope you enjoy it for a very !ong time.
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  14. Guzzi 1100 sport, 1995 carbon model, new clutch operating arm fitted as 80k mile old one worn oval, made clutch Operation very hard, new one transformed Nike, fitted new brake pads ferodo sintered today, test ride beckons, not like multi but different, smells, carbs accelarator pumps, what a good idea/feeling, keep old Guzzi safe going, Chris
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