Make Your Mcn Festival Of Motorcycling A Ducati Experience

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  1. Make your MCN festival of Motorcycling a Ducati experience with up to fifty demonstrators to try this weekend

    • Ducati to attend MCN festival of Motorcycling with three fleets of demonstrators
    • An unprecedented sixty five Ducati motorcycles will be transported to Peterborough for the MCN festival of which fifty will be available to test
    • First time both the XDiavel experience and Multistrada Enduro experience course has visited the UK
    Ducati UK will attend the MCN festival of biking on the 13-14 May with an unprecedented sixty-five display and demonstrator motorcycles.

    The selection of bikes will consist of three separate fleets, one from the Ducati UK roadshow and two shipped over from Italy that will include the Multistrada Enduro experience and the XDiavel experience.

    The Multistrada Enduro experience course is a dedicated off road riding course and has to date only been available in Italy. The fleet is made up of fifteen Multistrada Enduro specifically prepared for off-road use and ten prepared for on road use and will be accompanied by four Instructors from DRE Enduro School in Italy led by the former Dakar rider Beppe Gualini.

    Riders will be given a taster lasting 60 minutes to experience what the bike can do off road, using the specially designed off road track the portable facilities and then a road demo exploring the local countryside and using the bike to its full road potential.

    The XDiavel experience will again include an event truck containing twenty XDiavel S. These will be composed of a variety of XDiavel S that are either prepared in standard form or with different riding positions such as footpegs located centrally rather than feet forward as well as some kitted out with accessories designed by Roland Sands.

    Finally, the Ducati UK roadshow will also be attending with a display featuring some of the latest 2017 model range and a selection of both Ducati and Scrambler demonstrators.

    To book rides on either the XDiavel experience, Multistrada Enduro experience or the Ducati roadshow bookings are taken on the day so it will be on a ‘first come, first serve basis’visit the Ducati area in Manufacturer zone for Roadshow or XDiavel Experience. The Multistrada Enduro experience is in a separate area near the entrance where bookings for the mixed off road and on road demos can be taken. Take your riding gear and licence to book your chosen demo ride and enjoy all that Ducati can offer.

    For further information about the MCN festival of motorcycling visit: MCN Festival and to discover more about the Ducati range visit
  2. if anyone is going come and say hi as il be there all weekend :upyeah:
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  3. Ditto to Cookster, I'm going up on Friday and displaying my 748 with the DOCGB in the club section. Come and say hi and I'll make you a tea or coffee.

    I am going to try and ride everything Ducati UK bring.
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  4. I'm coming up Saturday , the main thing being to try on as many lids as possible then finally get one that I like .
    Also need to buy a good chain and ground anchor .
  5. Come round for a cup of tea and helpful advice re Helmet and chain.

    See you there then.
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  6. What an awful show that was.
    Weather was ok, but the point for me was to try on lots of lids but the selection was poor. In truth there was only one place that was selling different makes and they where all aimed at the lower priced market ( which was good for me really )

    I did pop into the Duc stand, I'll pm you dunc, but honestly , I can't think of any stand that stood out. The entertainment was.......not very .
    When I left at about 1.30 my car was surrounded by spaces so others had left before me.
    On a plus note I did end up getting a HJC RHPA 11. Ive a shoei head, but they are just too exp naive I feel, AGV are ok but I'm not a Rossi fan or like the god awful paint schemes either. The old XR1100 used to fit like a glove for me but discontinued now so the one I did look at had a date inside of 2012.........

    IM well chuffed with the fit of the HJC. It kinda touches just right all round. Soon as it went on it was getting bought. I quick internet check on the phone and that was done at £70 cheaper than any I could find.