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Featured 998 Matrix In France

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Guillaume69, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. I would like to introduce my very recently acquired 998 Matrix to the community.

    It was built for the US market and sold there to its first owner in 2004. It was then exported to the Netherlands in 2009, where it apparently joigned a private collection. I bought it there this summer and am the third owner. It has just over 7000 miles and looks... brand new. It is as amazing to ride as to look at.

    Came with a 50 OEM exhaust (same as 998SFE) and a pair of full race titanium arrow cans. Incredible !

    I received yesterday confirmation from Ducati Bologna that frame and engine were matching. Also, some very interesting data as far as 998 Matrix production numbers are concerned. I read loads of different things when I was researching that model and found nothing really accurate and a lot of contradictory info. I believe this could be considered as « first hand » info: 144 built for the US, 331 total in the world (including US specific models).

    « As anticipated to you in our previous email, we are sharing with you the information we have received about your Ducati. Our colleagues have checked the pictures you have sent and the available information on our archives.

    The motorcycle in question is a 998 Matrix Reloaded Biposto California green metallic, produced on 7 January 2004, sold to Ducati North America on 15 January of the same year, and registered to the final customer on 14 May of the same year.

    Engine and chassis numbers match, meaning they are the same ones that have accompanied the bike since its birth. The California version was produced in 144 pieces, and the overall total is 331 pieces produced between the end of 2003 and 2004.

    Best regards,

    Carlotta »

    Here are a few pictures of this beauty, of which, as you can imagine, I am immensely proud! My kid loves it. He’s 8 and hasn’t seen the movie yet. I can’t wait for him to be old enough to show him Trinity on her 996.

    60A6B21C-4BDE-40B3-8A00-11879805EDBC.jpeg CE18F8A6-F6D6-4F96-84ED-A26CF7352984.jpeg 16E39270-0404-47BB-B685-F8E1FE462025.jpeg EBEA3D27-B81F-4330-B471-00A4E8741F81.jpeg 50FCF4D2-7592-4711-9BF0-385A267A7753.jpeg 6F312828-F1A0-4BAE-A63F-F4140EC13216.jpeg D77C8EAB-DD04-4B03-8ECD-358436206419.jpeg C8530AFD-8DC9-42FF-91DA-6564098D9793.jpeg E2DA62C0-F733-4DEC-8AA4-9596E4EAF3F9.jpeg 886806BA-C40A-495E-8EF0-906751ED3993.jpeg
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  2. Lovely that is , I still haven’t seen one in the flesh yet,
    I do like the embossed bit on the end cans, nice find :upyeah:
  3. Hello from 74. C’est quasi neuf!
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  4. Je confirme !
  5. La mienne! 47BDDC8D-05A9-4908-9C9C-D9869D943D40.jpeg 2576B944-A324-4DA8-9BD6-531C6B8B9C23.jpeg
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  6. Looks stunning! Always been a fan of the 998Matrix
  7. IMHO, they look stunning in the flesh. For some reason, it is a very difficult color to get right on a picture. Depending how on the light, it has multiple shades varying from candy green metallic to very dark ivy green metallic, almost black.

    It is an absolute treat to shine with a Vulcanet wipe.
  8. Now that’s some bike :cool::cool:
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