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Maxton Fork Cartridges In 750ss ?

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by CAT3, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. During the lock-down I like a lot of you I guess, have been doing odd jobs that I never got round to or kept putting off !!
    After years of putting up with the harsh ride my 750SS non-adjustable forks provide I was wondering what others have done in an attempt to alleviate the harsh ride of the standard forks.
    Although I've had my 750 from new, (it's a '94 model), the only thing I've changed other than the usual oil, filters, belts, etc, has been the rear shocker & that was only because the original dumped a load of oil out on the garge floor some years ago.
    I fitted a unit made by Saxon, (who used to do frame kits for the early Hinckley Triumphs) which he modified for me to fit my 750. The reason for this choice was purely due to the fact that a mate had it available at the time & it was far cheaper than the Ohlins or Maxton choice at the time.
    In fairness it was far better in feel than I remember the original unit was, even when it was new & even Maxton said it was a good unit in terms of performance when my mate first got the Saxon kit.

    Anyway, recently after visiting Maxton again with said mate who is getting them to make some units for his Vyrus, I got to thinking about fitting their fork cartridge units in my 750's forks.
    I'm just at the very beginnings of this process so haven't looked at costs, which actual cartridges to use as they do two or three different types, or anything else really.

    Has anybody done anything similar other than replace the forks for say the 900SS, which are adjustable ?
  2. Ive got a Maxton shock on my 900SS, I also looked at changing the front end for Ohlins. But after speaking to Maxton, I got their cartridge/spring kit as they told me the Showa forks are pretty good. Cost a bit of money but I couldn't be happier with the difference. Set up for fast road and my weight. Great kit and very helpful company.
  3. Thanks Desmoquattro, which cartridges did you go with, the SD20, SD25 GP20 or GP30 ?
    I'm guessing the SD versions will be more than adequate for me, on the road.
  4. I dont know if I even got a choice? I can look at my invoice, it was a while ago....
  5. Ive had a look and theres no indication what I got. At no point did they ask me, so maybe it wasnt an option back then in 2015
  6. I cant see the SD on their website. I think it was GP20
  7. Just re-checked the Maxton site & all four options are available in either "ROAD" or "RACE" menus.
  8. Mmm, not sure then. As I say, I told them my weight and riding style on the SS and they set it up for me. Its firm but once you get moving it all fits into place. For me, the best handling bike I've owned. Can use all the back tyre with confidence in corners.
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