Mclaren Senna Hypercar - Our Most Complex Project Ever

Discussion in 'Detailing and cleaning' started by rob lewis, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. This guys and girls was our most ambitious and complex project undertaken.

    Vehicle arrived under cover of darkness in a covered transporter - our end task was to apply paint protection film to the entire vehicle if we were able.

    We are XPEL certified and ONLY use this film as it is the worlds best self healing films available currently.

    Applied XPEL Ultimate PLUS to all the gloss areas and XPEL STEALTH to all the satin carbon areas....100% total coverage in paint protection film....a huge and complex undertaking but well worth the effort and cost given the HUGE value and end use of the vehicle.

    Hope you enjoy the images...










    IMG_2414_0040_Layer 0.jpg
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  2. Ooooo
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  3. You must hate your job :D
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  4. Nice jam jar that :upyeah::upyeah:
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  5. Wow !
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  6. Ah, just a little bit, Ooooo ah a little bit more, Now I’m on the forum, Moderation I’m looking for...

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  7. Saw it on the grand tour thingy last week, fast but ugly imo..x
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  8. Incredible car but not as pretty as the 720S imo. Or that 600LT (??) you featured before. That was a lovely looking thing.
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  9. Absolute jizz machine
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  10. I have to stare at those all day at the moment. I’ve needed to have welder goggle implants.

    Allow me to help your poor eyes recover with another of our recently finished toys...
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  11. Can't stand it buddy....;)
  12. Beautiful piece of engineering in the flesh tho...
  13. I’ve seen that many times at the MTC in Woking, it is the best looking race car ever imo... bloody gorgeous
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  14. They could at least have cleaned the door shuts for the photos!
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  15. this is the sister car to that one that you've seen. We've done a nuts and bolts ground up restoration on it to concourse condition. The shockwaves off the exhaust is absolutely epic - smashing into your chest from twenty meters away. Brilliant thing.

    your hand might fall through them.. best leave it alone.
  16. Bluming hell Rob
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  17. I admire the engineering , but it’s never going to be a classic.
    And to be honest the majority of Super /Hyper-cars produced these days are very quickly forgotten, and only memorable due to the mind numbing numbers of speed and acceleration they produce.
    Mind you if you can afford this, then I’m sure you would have a varied selection of vehicles to choose from anyway :)
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  18. Agreed that Supercars won't necessarily become classics. That's not why you buy them. They're all about the style and performance. I do like the style but it did have to grow on me. After going through the Lamborghini and Pagani factories, I appreciate those cars even more.
    I had the 3M film put on my Atlas(only the front end). My husband had it on his last truck and it worked really well. Now he has it on his new truck. They chose to also install it in the fender area when he had new wheels and a lift kit installed instead of putting outrageous redneck looking mud flaps on. There is a 5yr warranty provided. I do see there are Xpel Dealers and installers in our area. Have to check it out and compare.
    Nice job Rob!
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