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For Sale Mega Cheap 999.

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by 999Mark, Jun 2, 2019.

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  1. IMG_0089 2.JPG IMG_1319.JPG IMG_1320.JPG Hi guys.

    Probably part exing my 999 as it's just too much for me now. Looking for something a bit more upright.

    Its a 2003 model with just over 11600 miles Reg LJ03DWA.

    So the thing is I've been offered a ludicrous £3000 in part ex. I just thought I would offer it here first so someone can get a cheap 999.

    Basic service by myself over the winter. This included-

    New tyres. Pirelli corsa rosso 2 I think.
    New genuine Ducati air filters.
    New DID chain and sprocket kit. Standard front with a 39 tooth rear.
    New oil filter.
    Oil change. Motul 7100 used.
    New sintered front brake pads. The brakes are fantastic.
    Cable kit from Exige fitted.
    I fitted a race battery holder with Lithium battery (over £200 just for the battery). I still have the original battery holder. No wires were cut so easy to swap back.
    Fila fairings fitted. These were bought second hand from a forum member. They are genuine Ducati fairings that have been repainted. They are not perfect but look very presentable.
    The forks have been painted black as well.

    The rear shock has a Ktec decal on it but no idea if anything has been done. The ride is certainly quite stiff.

    The check engine light has just come on. There is no code displayed though. A code did come up once and it was the speed sensor. I removed the spacer from the sensor and it fixed the issue. Might just need cleaning.

    No real service history. I have a couple of receipts for belt changes. I think the last one was late 2017.

    Short MOT but nothing that will fail.

    I still have the original red fairings and biposto seat unit.

    So a cheap bike to use on the road or turn into a track bike.

    I'm not home at the moment so any questions please just contact me via here.

    Thank you guys.

    #1 999Mark, Jun 2, 2019
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  2. That is cheap. I hope someone buys to enjoy and not break for bits or flip for a profit.

    @chizel ?
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  3. That's my hope.
    I'd rather let someone on here have it than give it to the dealer.

    #3 999Mark, Jun 2, 2019
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  4. If that’s not sold tonight I’ll eat me iPad

    Or at least a deposit on it
    #4 Dirty Leeds, Jun 2, 2019
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  5. Got to be the cheapest one around :).

    By the way I'm in Norfolk.

  6. I'd have thought you'd have learned after @Derek 's Pantah... you're going to end up with indigestion to go with your withered gentleman's regalia... :joy:
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  7. I wish... don't even know if I have enough money to get back to the UK!! Let alone buy another bike... hmmm... or do I?
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  8. Well the engine rebuild on your 749 will probably not be far short of £3k!
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  9. Ducking cheap
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  10. I hope you have some mayo for that iPad!
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  11. This place doesn’t like a bargain. GLWS, because it looks like one :upyeah:
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  12. PM sent :)
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  13. ;) richdiesslin_paypal.gif
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  14. Ffs...I’m sure a deposit has been placed, just slow informing us
  15. So for £3000 you get the bike plus the fila fairings & original fairings? I do miss my 999.
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  16. Silly cheap.
    Especially in view of the 998 that went for nearly 3 times that a couple of weeks ago.
  17. Yes £3K for everything.

    Just don't want to give it to the dealer!

  18. Wow...
  19. Not keen on ipads, come on someone this is a bargain even just as a spare bike
  20. I'll ask the missus :D
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