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1200 Melcodiag Software Licence

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Makusan, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. Hello guys, does anyone know if the licence is still available for the MelcoDiag software version to reset oil service on a Multistrada 1200S 2011, it’s just coming up for service in 400km, I’ve got the leads hooked it all up, all went well filled out all the details and pressed blue box Get Licence, filled out all details, success on that part but haven’t heard anything back no email or message, please help
  2. I got mine a few weeks back, took a few hours for it to come through
  3. I’ve done it on Friday, hopefully will get an email, I’ve even sent email direct to Wit but not sure if his gmail is still active
  4. Mine came through almost instantly. I guess you need to drop on when JP is online and and not on the nest :) ( he IS French) ;)
  5. I’ve downloaded the MelcoDiag software direct from the web in English not the Jp in French, is there any difference? Looks alike. When you hit the blue button to request the licence is it going to different recipient if the software is downloaded from MelcoDiag or Jp? I wrote email to [email protected] but had no reply either
  6. Also wrote to [email protected] and had no reply, anyone knows if this email address are still active?
  7. Thanks for clarifying this Chris, I’ve stuffed up obviously, if I may ask for advice which software is easier to use, download and install?
  8. Don’t have any use experience with either. Multitoollite was for download for Android for closed group members only and was for pre 2013 bikes. Have been using JPDiag for many years so would sway towards Melcodiag.
  9. Your VIN is not displayed. I believe JP needs this info to create the licence.
  10. If the vin is not displayed how do I add it? Or do I just send JP the details in the emai? Any reason why it’s not displaying the vin it seem to have gotten all other info
  11. Didn’t know the Multitool now runs on windows, thought it was only for Android
    Will it run with windows 7 home premium?
  12. At least it’s getting somewhere, thank you guys for your patience

  13. Yes, run on window since 2016
  14. Thanks, I’ve been looking through some old posts, and like all technology it’s changing every day
  15. Thank Chris, I’ve joined up with the forum today, still trying to lean how to navigate through it, hopefully I can ask the right questions
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