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Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Desmoquattro, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. Does anyone have one fitted? Can you share pics as I am considering one.
  2. On the SS? Lovely! They're very nice, not had one myself but used to covet one for my RD.
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  3. not got one but quite like them think most people put off by price most go for the later model ie model ally arm
    found a pic in my files of one though

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  4. ps they are a nice bit of kit have a new one in my loft for my 1100 katana lol
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  5. Looking at that exhaust run, that must be “interesting” to ride! Toasted heels, anyone?
  6. Clearly not on a Ducati, on my oily Gixxer but you get the gist...trick!

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  7. Lovely bike, its for my carby SS Im considering.
    Do you find the eccentric adjusters easy to live with?
  8. As long as you keep things well greased ...simples.
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  9. Great, thankyou
  10. According to their website they stopped producing swingarms in 2017! Are they being reproduced at another manufacturer or will you have to chase something used?
  11. Search Metchamex Swingarms, as they appear to have separated from Metchamex engineering.
  12. $_57 (3).jpg $_57tg.jpg

    found these pics in my files they were taken off their ebay listing 3-4 years ago
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  13. if you search metmachex on ebay a rd 350 lc arm comes up for £775
    seller is metmachex in alfreton contact details should be there
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  14. Can't help sourcing one, but as an aside, I spent the last few years of my engineering apprenticeship at Metmachex (METal MACHining EXperts)

    This was 30 years ago, I still use many of the skills and knowledge I learnt there.

    One of the owners, Bill, was the best welder I have ever seen. The number of times "someone" would come in offering training courses in welding, they would watch Bill for 10 minutes and then offer him a job teaching the courses :joy: Bill taught me to TIG and MIG, I can still do a reasonable job at MIG now.

    Bored and looking for a project, Bill used the swing arm ally section and made a frame for a 350LC engine, with WP suspension, home tuned engine, pipes and loads of trick bits .... just for fun. I'm sure I heard that someone took the bike amateur racing and won a few races on it.

    We worked on the racing engines for Steve Webster in the mid 80's, when he was the world champion side car outfit. Balancing cranks by hand with a DTI gauge and a leather mallet :grinning:

    Back in the day, the work they turned out was second to non.
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  15. I had one of these beauties on my old TLS (back in the day).
    Workmanship was sublime.
    I remember the eccentric adjusters being a doddle to use.
    Apologies for the shit photo.

    My TLS.JPG
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  16. So do I go shiney or brushed?
  17. Brushed n satin lacquer
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