Metzeler Compk Slicks 2018 Version @ Silverstone

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Lyndon, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. D34EC9C2-2B60-446F-9063-134FA874B419.jpeg So figured this was a decent Slick to transition from road derived tyres to track rubber.

    Due to supposedly working in a wider range of temp and pressure, warm up quickly and last well.

    Took them off a mate that had done a day at snetterton. I thoroughly warmed them in the morning and they didn’t miss a beat all day.

    I ran 34-Hot front (soft) and 26-Hot rear (medium)

    Even the tyre guy on track was raving about the new 2018 version and gets a lot of good feedback apparently.

    Just putting it out there for anyone maybe making the move to a slick. Gripped great felt much more stable under braking and seemingly a fair bit more wear to go.

    Cheers Lyndon
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  2. Wear not too bad :upyeah:
  3. Good tyre, was a shame they stopped the 190 as the 200 doesn’t fit the 999 swingarm ...
  4. The wear looks good for having done 2 days. 34 front (I presume hot) sounds a tad high. Reading the marketing-sales lit these are supposed to be somewhere between soft road and full slick compound composition if I’ve interpret correctly.
  5. Yeah hot and the tyre guy was suggesting 35/36. Seemed pretty knowledgable and think his race time and others using them at those pressures, but I went for a tad lower after coming in after first session around those pressures I mentioned as all felt good.

    One of the No limits instructors who suggested them to me a while back I think Is on his fourth day where as he said on the Pirelli compounds he be lucky to get a day out of an SC.
    Will def suit me for my average pace lol
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  6. I seem to remember this tyres predecessor being a bit .... shit?

    I’ve only ever heard bad about the old ones anyway
  7. Yep correct, were shocking apparently or that’s what seemed to be said. These seem to be the complete opposite seemingly from what people are saying that run a far superior pace to what I may do. But im sure there are all sorts out there that suit all sorts of different riders.
  8. They were. Couldn't cope with ham fisted 848 rider for grip...although my mate used them and did several race weekends on a set I gave him
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  9. I’ve ran the Metz race tech RR slicks and can’t complain about them.

    I think the old comp k’s had a habit of letting go without warning
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  10. I think the previous incarnation were good, until they went off, which they would do without warning. Hence putting off TD’ers.
  11. Useful feedack - cheers
  12. I tried the old comp K. Which were ok if you kept on top of pressures and minimised the number of heat cycles.
    Pirelli super bike pro were great. And yes the new comp K which is the replacement for the Superbike pro is a very good tyre. I had a set of softs. But after 3 days at Donington had worn the right hand side off and lost its shape.
    Tip for the top. After the last sessions re fit your tyre warmers but don’t plug them in. Let’s the tyre cool slowly and stop them getting the blue colour as the oils come to the surface and helps stop getting a tough crust.
  13. Didn’t use the old ones, but used these new ones for a day at Portimao and a day at Donnington. Really nice tyre, didn’t have any moments, and great wear. Ran mine at about 35fr/26r (hot) on softs. Only about £240/pair.... and my scrubs are on eBay if anyone is after trying some! ;)

  14. Is that before? Or after you had a little lie down in the grass at Craners?
  15. Craners was on Medium Dunlop D213’s. Wish I had kept these on! :joy: