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Featured Mhr In For Mot

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by cookster, May 17, 2020.

  1. Had this mhr in for mot Friday couldn't resist a few pics.... then and now.

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  2. Shouldn’t such a high risk oldie be self isolating??

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  3. Lol yeah mate it was a lovely bit of kit.
  4. Did it pass though?
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  5. Yes mate was spot on.
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  6. The 1st part of the MOT should be a question......."Are you a member of the Ducati Forum?" :thinkingface:

    If "No", then instant fail. :mad:

    Also, did he bring his bin with him? :thinkingface:
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  7. I have seen cookies bins :)
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  8. notsurehowtoreplytothatonedbsmiley
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  9. Bugger. Just seen those wheels of yours again! Lovely.
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  10. My bins are minging!
  11. I didn’t like to say :D
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  12. Always hankered after an early MHR, out of my price league at the mo'...lovely looking bike though, and i am old enough to remember Hailwood winning the TT on one before it was called a MHR....;):D
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  13. Why is it having a MOT ?
  14. I bet they're chalk and cheese to ride back to back.:thinkingface:
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  15. Historic exemption in the UK is at 40 years old. This MHR looks like a 1981 bike, so still needs an MOT; probably its last.

    Given a choice of (a) a bike which holds its value and appreciates v. (b) one which will depreciate for the next 10 years, which is the better buy?
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  16. thanks my confusion.

    my choice would be B, makes them affordable for those less well heeled.
  17. Since the major cost of running a bike is likely to be depreciation, the less well heeled would be better off buying something which doesn't depreciate at all. Provided they are capable of looking after it, of course ...
  18. That sounds unfair and unkind if you don't mind me saying .
  19. Having done 40k plus miles on my bevel I would take the Panigale...;)
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