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Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Mark9, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. C543173D-AABD-4ECB-A9CB-43D9D7121420.jpeg Sitting outside my local Starbucks (3 miles from home) I always start my rides here of a weekend mulling over a copy of MCN, just had someone walk up and say “lovely bike mate, bet it sounds great, always wanted on of those”, so that’s it then, my work here is done, may as well go home?.
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  2. Very nice, although at the moment a multi rider I had two complimentary comments given to me recently.
    Gives you a nice warm feeling doesn’t it.
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  3. A truely great mobile advertisment board from the ducati back catalogue brand:upyeah:
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  4. Although i was outside the blind institute at the time!
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  5. Result!, top posing points for you sir. :) :upyeah:
  6. nice bike mister!!! love the white frame/wheels. I want that one
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  7. Lovely bike and a well deserved comment:upyeah:
  8. Must be something in the air as I went for a quick spin yesterday to check new chain tension and got a wave from a GS rider :astonished:
    Lovely SS btw
  9. Mark9 - can i ask what cans you have on your bike please?
  10. They are “Pipewerx” I got them from EBay for £250, someone had a job lot of them , unfortunately I’ve lost his details sorry, I got the link pipes from someone that is well known on this forum called Steve Daily , he fabricates them and the hangers , darned if I can remember what his company is called, someone on here will know, they were £60 if I remember correctly.
    Update, Ive just found the email address of the person that sold me the cans, Ive emailed him to ask if he still has some and ask if I can pass his email address on, I’ll let you know if he answers.
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  11. Cheers Mark9
  12. 4F876A79-D0D3-4DF9-9C48-87FB987CBA7D.jpeg
    Sorry no response from the email, he must’ve sold out or died or something.
    PS I’m on this one today, not so much as a second glance from anyone, must be the colour:)
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  13. The person that sold me the exhausts is called John, he doesn’t have any 900 carbon cans left but does have air cooled 2 valve spares, mainly Monster, I’m nothing to do with him but putting his email on here in case anyone wants to email him to see if he has something they need.
    [email protected]
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