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  1. Arrived at work today just behind a delivery truck and look what he had on board.
    Final picture is a comparison of my mag alloy wheels and the standard ones on the other V4 Speciale that was on the truck.
    To say I'm a happy bunny is a bit of an understatement (even with a head still full of snot) Andy








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  2. Looks nicer with the gold imho.
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  3. Nice one :) - the standard wheels are in the boxes then? :thinkingface:
  4. Simply stunning!!!!!!
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  5. Sadly not, I think my Speciale is probably the first in the UK to be delivered fully built. According to the workshop there are a few differences to the previous deliveries, including the one it arrived with. Looks like the gaps around the generator and clutch covers is (better) different, fairing overlaps now have clearcote plastic protection, the clearances in the fairing for the rearsets is bigger and it appears mine has a revised front sprocket. I'm still chuffed to bits even if I didn't benefit from the extra wheels. Andy
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  6. Did you upgrade the wheels then or is it just the spec changed?
  7. It is an upgrade I added at the time of order. As the mag wheels were a pinch point in manufacture, there was a chance the bike could be delivered with the stock S wheels which I would have kept FOC when the mags eventually turned up. Andy
  8. Lovely!! Congratualtions! Im sure you'll have bags of fun on it.
    Soooo.....Whens the first track day on it?? :) (...btw there's spaces available for next Thursday!)

    Love the wheels also! The colour is very 1098R-esque!
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  9. Very bloody nice!
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  10. Nice share'
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  11. Dare I ask... don’t you get the standard ones anyway? Or is it like a car: just pay much smaller cost to upgrade? (I didn’t do my s1000r because it was 1250 but only get new ones, where I can buy a set for 1500 and have a set for wets or whatever, but 1250 was a great price as they would be 2500 easy direct)
  12. Very nice indeed. Wait til you give it the beans....

    I guess it'll be in your living room tonight. Nice glass of red and just stare at it!
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  13. Edited. Just read what was written properly, yes the wheels were a cost option upgrade :upyeah: Andy
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  14. Got to go through PDI week after next and then visit the body specialist for ceramic finish and ppf before it comes home. I have cleared a space in the dining room though in anticipation. Andy
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  15. Nice. Just in time to go straight in the garage for winter :)
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  16. Nice work
  17. Jealous:confused:

    But very very nice
  18. Looks really nice Andy, and the wheels set it off a treat!! Congrats dude, will be looking forward to seeing it at Silverstone next summer if not before!
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  19. Still in two minds to order the Mag wheels or go for BST carbon ones
  20. Probably Almeria in May next year. All my track gear will be on its way to Cartagena by next Thursday so will have to give Donnington a miss. Andy
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