Mivv Exhausts?

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  1. Anyone any experience with Mivv exhausts?

    Seem value for money or cheap and nasty?......cant decide?

    Wat cheaper than Termi / Akra but worried they are just aweful?

  2. Nothing wrong with Mivv. Not as sexy as a top brand but good looking and durable as most
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  3. I've got one of my BMW race bike and its great. Havn't had it dyno'd since getting race maps but it's feels very strong so no reason to expect any less power than with the akros really.
  4. Mate has one on his DVT, seems to like it as its decent finish and makes a better noise than standard
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  5. Had the Mivv suono and decat on my previous 15dvt, good quality and sound sold it on to another forum member when I got new 1260
  6. I have mates with mivv cans and they like them.

    If you want to go cheaper still, check out the delkevic Web site. I've not seen one of these in the flesh, but the price is very good,
  7. I also know someone running Lextek and they like them too.
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  9. I put one on my scrambler, love it.