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1200 DVT Model Info Please

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by apatchy, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. I am looking at various model of Multi 1200. What are the differences between later DVT models in particular, looking at adverts that say 1200S Adventure and 1200S Touring, some ads just don't give enough info - is it all just cosmetic - Dr Google isn't giving me much to go on. Thanks.
  2. Adventure so they mean enduro? If so differ bike. More fuel and more designed of off-road
  3. The enduro also stands a lot taller. The other Mutleys have 17" front and rear wheels. The enduro is built like a small tank and runs a 19" front wheel :)
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  4. think i have it now - Basic STD - S and S Touring, different levels of equip, some of these idiots that post advert for bikes they clearly know nothing about looking at the way the ads are written.... anyway the S looks like it has potential for my shortlist ;)
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  5. The touring tends to mean it comes with a centre stand, heated grips and panniers. You can get both normal and S versions in Touring but they tend to be an S model.

    They are all 'Adventure' bikes, but as others said the Enduro is more off road ready and is larger with a bigger tank (very comfortable though).

    DVT models came in Red, White and Grey with red frames.
    Standard model - Red only
    https://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/ducati/ducati_multistrada_1200 15.htm
    The S version has the electronic suspension and better brakes
    S version in White
    https://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/ducati/ducati_multistrada_1200 S DVT 15.htm

    Standard Enduro model (with panniers)

    Enduro Pro
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  6. Wow, that Enduro Pro is one monster of a bike. It is scaring me just from a photo :)
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  7. I like it but puzzled why they made the same mistake as the aprilia caponord raid and used runny dog poo brown?
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  8. If you can afford it buy the S. The standard extras make it worthwhile. Unless of course you can push to a pikes peak.

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  9. Pikes Peak version looks cool but I don't think it's worth the extra money for what you gain (and lose!)
  10. Having owned the DVT 1200s for four years and now moved onto a 1260 PP, my respectfully suggested answer is that you haven’t ridden one then.
    Simply another level.
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  11. Great bike I agree but personally I prefer the practicality of the skyhook suspension.
    I'm glad you are happy with your choice though (I just think it's overpriced...)
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  12. Agreed overpriced
    Agreed skyhook is superb. Took some getting used to, it always made me feel a little remote from the road, but loved it.
    Best was cornering ABS. Saved me from a biggy. Flying into a left had, way way too fast, nowhere to run off, because I actually considered it. Bike went round with brakes hard on and footrest on the floor..... never slipped a millimetre......
    Never ever thought it would, and I’ll never have a bike without again. Simply a life saver.
  13. I didn't have the opportunity to by an S - I ended up with a DVT touring as I bought used :( It was the right bike at the right price, in the right colour and local. I am more than happy with it. Ya cant miss what you never had and all that see ;)

    Consequently I now console myself that with Skyhook suspension, they just might go wrong. (I know of one case where that happened)

    That is probably bollox, but then again - inside my head is well damaged anyway so its really easy for me to fool myself into believing pretty much owt I tell myself:D
  14. 2015 or later S DVT model or for a similar price / milage - 2013 Pikes Peak, Non DVT..?
  15. Dvt
    If it’s just about the look of the bike you can get a sticker kit or paint job...
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  16. the 2013
    It's more than the look - The 2013 PP gets Skyhook/electronic suspension, Termi pipes, 10 spoke cast wheels, and is 12kg lighter, so the main difference is really down to DVT if i am reading the spec right.

    https://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/ducati/ducati_multistrada_1200 S pikes peak 13.htm (has a termi not listed on here)

    https://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/ducati/ducati_multistrada_1200 S DVT 15.htm
  17. Is that a Farrow and Ball colour?
  18. TBH I thought the Pikes Peak never came with Skyhook? I thought it was with Ohlins, but maybe that was the model after this?
    Maybe the early ones did, but I think the first skyhook bikes were less good than the later versions.

    And for 12kgs you could go on a diet :)
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