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Featured For Sale Monster 1100s 2009

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by West Cork Paul, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. Because I want something a bit more suitable for touring on (with a pillion) I’m reluctantly offering my 2009 Monster 1100S for sale. £5250 ono.

    It now gets used. 1st owner did only 14,500 miles in 10 years. It's now done 18,500 (30,000km)

    It has a full Ducati dealer service history up to 14,500 miles.

    It has been meticulously maintained and looked after by both it’s previous owner and me but prior to delivery to its new owner I will fit new cam belts, give it a full service, fit new friction plates to the clutch (as the current ones are approaching their wear limit) and do the Desmo service which is due.

    Being the S model it has

    Fully adjustable Ohlins suspension front and rear
    Carbon fibre cam belt covers
    Carbon fibre front mudguard
    Lightweight Marchesini forged wheels

    In addition it has
    Carbon fibre Termignoni exhausts (I don’t have the originals) complete with requisite ECU upgrade
    Carbon fibre rear hugger
    Carbon fibre swing arm cover
    Carbon fibre front hugger extender
    Cerakoted front cylinder (minimising damage & corrosion from front wheel throw off)
    Evotech tail tidy
    Evotech crash bobbins on the frame
    Previous owner replaced many of the nuts & bolts with stainless.
    2 keys and all the original books and a file of paperwork.

    It’s not in showroom condition, it gets used, but it’s in bloody good condition and immaculately clean, no corrosion anywhere.

    £5250 ono

    I'm in no hurry to sell, I love the bike, I'm just wanting something that might persuade SWMBO to take a ride with me again, so I need something with a top box and grab rail and that's armchair comfortable for her and no, I'm not going to get a Honda Pan-Europeano_O

    If someone's selling a Multistrada 1200S and fancies a PX let's talk.

    Edit: see post #23, Ricky knows best and I stand corrected. The wheels are apparently not lightweight ones (but they do weigh less than the 3 spoke Brembos on my 748) and the overall dry weight for the whole bike according to Ducati is a mere 168kg, and the rear shock only has preload and rebound adjustment not compression, bloody cheap Ohlins stuff :eek:
    IMG_0493.jpg IMG_0495.jpg IMG_0496.jpg IMG_0497.jpg IMG_0499.jpg IMG_0500.jpg IMG_0501.jpg IMG_0058.jpg IMG_0417.jpg IMG_0494.jpg IMG_2016.jpg
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  2. oops, forgot to say, it's on Irish plates now but it was originally on UK plates so will be simple enough to re-import into the UK and I'll sort all that out for any purchaser:upyeah:
  3. Suit you sir :D
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  4. Oooh.....SWMBO would love that, a proper armchair. Not sure I'd like it though:(
  5. You'll need tassles, and a moustache - do it :D
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  6. Here you go Paul:

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  7. For the maybe occasional ride with the Lady you'd be better off renting something! There's a possibility you might regret selling this...
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  8. Totally agree. Or just get the 748 sold and get a tourer in its place.
  9. I made him a reasonable offer - he's an ex-lawyer you know :p:D
  10. Indeed, maybe he's a closet vegan and doesn't do cheese flavour :thinkingface:
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  11. Closer than you think Harry. When we met at the bike shed I seem to recall through the haze of alcohol that his nibs had a vegan burger. Tried to palm it off to everyone else but we weren’t having it.
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  12. Say no more :bucktooth:
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  13. Lovely Monster Paul :upyeah: Good Luck - how about one of these? troublefree sprocketless :upyeah:

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  14. Couldnt agree more, I have one of these & a Norge too. Fabulous, comfortable, lazy bikes that make you smile.
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  15. Got the moustache (and beard:)) currently trying to grow them ZZ Top stylée before I get too old:D
    Oooh, a project bike, interesting:upyeah::D

    Hmmm, interesting, I am in 2 minds over selling it as they are quite rare and it’s a cracking bike, just would look naff with the topbox & grab rails SWMBO would prefer as supports. Renting is an interesting thought, just no Ducs for rent in Ireland:( just BMWs & Hondas and the odd Harley.

    However, I am looking at and considering an ST2 at the moment. Initial thoughts were to use it as a basis for my next project, I’ve still got some paint left in the rattle can you know:D, but now Im beginning to think hmmm, that might do the job, just do a straight forward refurb:thinkingface:
    Hmmm, having 2nd thoughts on that one now too. I’ve had it since new it’s a bit like getting rid of one of the family:(. Plus it’s appreciating in value now.

    Yeah, right, the smallest pallet of wotsits in the world! Anyway that was for the DucatDoodlePug not the 748.
    Ok ok hands up, I did :relieved: I just wanted to try it as it was one of those meat substitutes the world is raving over. It was shite:(. Never again.
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  16. I bought my ST4 as a replacement for my M900 so my wife could go on the back, decent hard luggage (for her, you still have to wear all your clothes :D) and a proper rear grab rail as the Monster only had grab rails suitable for gorillas on a rear sloping seat suitable for a dwarf :eek:
    She was very happy then but now thinks something akin to a 'Hummer' on 2 wheels would be more appropriate - I think I may explore rentals first :thinkingface:
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  17. I've got to ease SWMBO back into it again, it's been a good few years, 15 or so, since she's been pillion so before we jet off somewhere and rent a bike I need to do a few local trips with her first. It'll get me used to having a pillion again as well. I quite like the look of @Chris MG above, what model is it?
    #18 West Cork Paul, Jan 15, 2020 at 11:07 AM
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  18. Are we there yet?

    Or as they say in Oirland "Arrrr we der yet?" :)

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