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Monster 696 Desmo Timing

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Niall Bowler, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. Hi All

    I'm wondering about desmo timing on a 2010 Monster 696 there is 40000km on it.
    Is it a big job to complete this job myself Or would i be better to get mechanic to complete this job.
    Any idea what this would cost?
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  2. It’s not an easy job unless you’re very competent, unfortunately it’s not a cheap job if you have a Ducati trained person do it, but it needs doing.
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  3. Thanks Mark.
  4. It’s a 2 valve engine right? It’s not too difficult if you’re half way competent, I’ve just done it on my Monster 1100S, it’s kinda easier than the Desmoquattros. It’s time consuming though hence the big bill in a Ducati Tech, mostly labour. Do you have a workshop manual?
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  5. now we need to define the difference between “half way” and “very” competent Paul:)
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  6. I’ll start, I rebuilt the engine on a CB900 and didn’t have any bits left over!, that’s very competent.
    My mate can service brakes/carbs/etc but messed up rebuilding his Comando engine, half way competent?
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  7. It’s actually not that difficult. Hands up, I admit, it was the first time I’ve done it. It was due it, my nearest Ducati tech is 5 hrs away in Dublin, my thought process was it’s only got 2 valves/cylinder best I practice on that one first.

    A second admission. I didn’t have to change a single shim - all well within tolerance, even after 30k km. Phew.

    The fiddliest bit would be getting out the little collars that retain the shims and keeping them in order and the right way up and also making sure they don’t drop down inside the head. Need a magnet on a stick to retrieve them.

    Some time in the coming weeks I’m going to do the Desmo service on the old ST2 I bought back in Jan, that’s got 56K km and no service history:astonished:, I guess I might need to change a few shims on there:confused:.

    Anyway, it all depends how confidant one feels in one’s abilities and if one is prepared to learn & have a go.

    Don’t do it if you don’t feel confident enough.

    @Niall Bowler where are you in the country?
  8. Hi Paul

    No don't have a manual.
  9. Now I haven’t rebuilt an engine since my Suzuki GT185 back in 1978 :eek: and I only took that apart to polish the ports to make it go faster then found it needed new small ends. That’s my next thing, to completely strip & rebuild an engine. In fact if one came up cheap enough I’d buy it just to practice on.
  10. I'm living in Portlaoise not too far from Dublin only a hour away.
  11. https://www.carlsalter.com/download.asp?p=1462

    parts manual link above, download & keep as these are always useful.

    I can’t find you a service manual at present but if you ask the question as a new post someone may already have a copy they can share with you.
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  12. Then Moto Technic - Robbie, is your man
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  13. Brilliant that's where I'll go.
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