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1200 Monster Dyno Chart

Discussion in 'Monster' started by DarR, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. Just had a "for charity" Dyno Run on both bikes. Half the proceeds went to the Diabetes Foundation. Great Idea. Lots of fun.
    Awesome turnout. Guys were betting on closest dyno estimates vs results. Totally hilarious.

    Here's my result for the Monster 1200R: 140.11 HP.
    SC-Project Carbon Exhaust, Rexxer ECU Flash, Stock Air Filter.
    No torque figures and the chart lacks details, but it's for charity!

    Monster 1200R  Dyno.jpg
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  2. I wonder are Ducati still telling fibs re bhp figures or if that’s just dyno to dyno variance?, actually did the dyno guy say if it was rear wheel bhp or adjusted to give the crank figure?.
  3. Hi @Mark9, This chart was produced on a rear wheel DynoJet where figures are 10~15% lower than crank numbers typically published by manufacturers. The only adjustments that I know of are to compensate for atmospheric changes.

    I was also able to check the Dyno's accuracy as I also had my stock 1260 Multistrada on it a few hours later which Ducati claimed to produce 158 HP at the crank.
    On this DynoJet, it pulled a 141.04 HP for an 11% difference which is right in-line with the 140.2 HP DynoJet figures shown in the Rider Magazine's Multistrada 1260 review here:
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  4. So unadjusted RWHP, Ducati are telling the truth then, that’s refreshing, probably post VW scandal inspired honesty, I’ve got an M1200 135bhp good to know that figure is reasonably accurate, I have an old CB750 SOHC (the one in my avatar), I had it dynoed and it was making 57 rwhp with modded intake & exhaust, I was a tad disappointed until a dyno tester told me most he’d seen only made 50 rwhp and Hondas claimed 67bhp at the crank was 100% late 1960’s bullshit
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  5. Hate to say it, but BMW seem to be a few % out of claimed vs RWHP, rather than the normal 10% or so

  6. In stock form, the first Monster 1200S (2013~14) were pulling around 129 RWHP while the 2019's are now at about 131 RWHP as a result of higher compression ratios and larger throttle bodies. De-catting and a tune will fetch you at least another 6.
    So yes, a stock M1200R at 135 RWHP is about right. Moreover, 1 or 2 HP differences between Dyno's can best be described as rounding errors. You can probably get that increase just by cleaning your air filter :astonished: which reminds me...
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  7. 9A0FC4A5-DE38-4AAB-B13A-9EEB6DDCC946.jpeg This is mine 2016 with Termigonis, the bhp is kind of irrelevant to me personally, all I know is it’s too bloody powerful for my meagre skills, damn good fun though:)
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  8. Monster 1200s-15 with Termignoni and upmap. Dyno chart courtesy of Halvdampis.
    134.24 RWHP
    122.20 NM Torque (90.13 ft-lb) :astonished:

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  9. Normally AF is below the chart. Took a few mins to understand it
  10. The Monster is one of three Ducati's that I have owned. Each has it's own flavor of satisfaction.
    Riding the Monster however, is a real smile generator.
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