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821 Monster To Replace Hyper

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Gandalf, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. Hi there,

    I had an accident with my 821 Hyper last year and have been without a bike since then :sob: I am looking at a replacement and am thinking of getting a 821 Monster.

    I have two questions about the bike.

    1. What is it like as a commuter. I have a 15 to 20 km ride to work and and this will constitute a good 70% of my riding. The Hyper was great in the traffic.
    2. What is the seating position like. Is it upright like the Hyper?

    Would be please to hear anyone's thoughts on the topic.


  2. That’s great news, iirc that was you done with bikes after the accident.

    I think you’ll find the seat noticeably lower on the Monster than the Hyper, even if the actual difference is minimal on paper. To my mind, that’s good in stop start commuting traffic. Also, out of all my bikes my Monster (ok it’s not an 821 but same concept) is my go to bike. It’s the lightest, the easiest to manoeuvre, both when moving it in/out the garage and through traffic. I’d say you’ll be absolutely fine on a Monster.
  3. Monster 821 was great touring around Germany for a month last year for my girl. Would assume that it is also a good commuter.
  4. @West Cork Paul That was SWMBO, but after almost a year of persuasion we are more or less there :) The Hyper was quite a tall bike and the 950 is still a touch taller. Thanks for the input on the Monster
    @Bob T Thanks, good to know!

    Seems a Monster it will be. Now the colour... :joy:
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  5. Hi had an 821 as a courtesy bike while my M1200 was in for a warranty job.
    Fast, nimble and a joy to ride.
    If had not got the M1200 I would seriously think about the 821.
    Would be perfect as a commuter ride, and more than capable of long distance trips
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  6. Although my Monster is a 1200, it's still a great around town and traffic. The 821 even more so.
    Putting a leg down will also be easier than your Hyper.
    The only drawback vs your Hyper is lower ground clearance preventing you from jumping sidewalks and staircases. ;)
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  7. Damn, will sure miss jumping stairs o_O

    To be honest had one or two moments with the Hyper on the streets around here, uneven surfaces and such and the bike being as tall as it is could be unsettling at times. Will miss not having a Hyper, but I think the Monster is probably a better all round choice.

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  8. I had a hyper 796 before the monster.
    A bit of a handful but gave me the Ducati bug.
    I don't have any desire to change marque.
    Italian V twins do it for me.
    Enjoy your monster.
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  9. Both my monsters were very capable machines although different in they were an S4 and an S4rs
    I’m not sure if the bars are slightly wider on the monster, something to consider when filtering.
    Good luck Jac, glad to hear you’re back in the saddle, and of course the colour.....
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  10. I swapped out a hyper for a KTM 796 which is a much better bike than the hyper and got a good deal.
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  11. I sold my Hyper 1100S and bought a Monster 1200R, don't use it for commuting but think any Monster would be okay. Done 11500 miles in three years and love it. I do miss the Hyper as it was so much fun.
  12. @hypermotbloke Agreed on the Italian twins thing :upyeah:

    @Carr01 Thanks, I have been "gently" exercising the Scoot since the social distancing here meant that public transport was not an option and slowly SWMBO has come around to the idea of another bike. The bars on the Hyper were pretty wide, but being a bit taller did not seem to cause undue problems with filtering, having said that filtering here is not always the smartest option...

    @DucatiScud We don't get those orange bikes here :D except for the little ones from India. I did look at a Duke 690 earlier on but somehow the Hyper was my "first love" and that's what I bought.

    @mick e Thanks! I will miss the Hyper, whatever I get, but I think a Monster will be a good replacement.

    Thanks for all the input!

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