Moon Landing

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  1. In 1927 there was the first non stop transatlantic flight

    In 1969 man landed in the moon

    42 years and a massive jump in human endeavour.

    50 years later, and with massive leaps in technology and understanding, have we got anywhere near that level of achievement? If it even happened?

    What do we think?

    I always took it to be real but now I don’t know. Could be persuaded either way
  2. Why are you doubting the moon landings now?
  3. I don’t know enough about the conspiracy theories to doubt it did take place, but a lot of people do doubt it and so maybe there’s something in that. I don’t know. I like to keep an open mind.

    For example, there is talk of the Van Allen belt.
  4. Wasn't it rigged to shut up the Russians & take the wind out of their sails in the space programme:thinkingface:
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  5. This may be urban myth but it’s said the Americans spent $1 million developing a pen that would work in zero gravity. The Russians used pencils.

    I mean seriously! WTF!

    Who is ever going to be able to test that claim
  6. Who gives a toss ? I certainly don't. Andy
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  7. It is an urban myth.

    Over 250,000 people worked on the Apollo program. You think if it were a hoax, maybe it would have come out by now? :rolleyes:

    The equipment and footprints left on the moon are still visible today.

    However, I like the way Buzz (An intelligent, educated, brave man) deals with idiots on this subject. :) :upyeah:

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  8. All very Star trek,i'm with the reds as you can't beat a sharp lead pencil;)
  9. Hollywood;)
  10. I never had any reason to disbelieve it happened but maybe as I get older and the world of “fake news” dominates, I start to wonder. Doesn’t mean I believe it was a hoax, I just open my mind to the possibility.

    I have met a surprisingly large number of people who did believe it was faked
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  11. That’s funny. Aldrin took communion bread with him into space and so was very religious. So his reaction there will reinforce the conspiracy for some people
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  12. Yeah, conspiracy theorists! :rolleyes:
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  13. Voted no.

    Just coz I can.

    Not coz I believe it.

    Bit like Brexit: votes leave believing we won’t.

    Oh no, hold on....
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  14. By nature, I am not one. Where’s @Loz ?
  15. Yeah yeah and the earth is flat. It's utter bollox to think it didn't happen.
  16. I like to think it happened
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  17. Flat earthers unite!
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  18. Cool, close the thread? :thinkingface:
  19. My view is that if it was indeed faked, the Russians would be all over it rubbing the yanks noses in it. Buzz Aldrin FTW!
    But there is no aptmosphere there, and the samples they brought back to earth are of no value...there is little merit in going back. I had a conversation with a hoaxer and asked him what would constitute proof in his mind that we did go. And his answer was that someone could go and take some photos to prove it!
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  20. Sums them all up, I bet he didn't even get the irony. :laughing:
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