Moped Muggers -yeeeeha!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by razz, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. Fookin tremendous. About time. :) :upyeah:
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  2. new tactic?....;)
  3. I prefer the taser gun method treatment .....and just keep squeezing that trigger:):upyeah:
  4. its mint, el torinio, we need a thread merge.....
  5. Sounds like the voice of experience... :0
  6. It's a pity the police cars don't have knives on the wheels like Roman chariots take the bastard's of at the knees
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  7. Nope,just fed up with the low lifes in society that screw it up for us folks:upyeah:it's what they deserve.
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  8. Lovely to see they're doing something about this. About time.

    Charge them for the medical care they need as well. Cunts.
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  9. Surprised some do gooder hasn't come out condemning the police action
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  10. Give it time and they will:rolleyes:
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  11. Ain’t that the truth, unfortunately.
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  12. Great end to a shitty week
  13. Met Police scooter crash video released as IOPC investigates

    I sincerely hope the police are not prevented from using these tactics. This current exposure is showing people the rightful repercussions of these actions.
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  14. Run over them, pointless pieces of shit, good for fuck all.
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  15. Fuck em. Go all judge dredd and pile them into the nearest lamppost.
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  16. That’s the way to deal with them and while they’re at it, run over their fingers as well.
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  17. Wasn't it lovely watching those pieces of shit being skittled down the road?? But yeah, as mentioned the met are now under investigation. Apparently some poor little poppet sustained slight head injuries, awwww....

    When are we going to close down these do good liberal wankers? We've got to be the laughing stock of the world.
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  18. Hit squad: police pursuit drivers ram fleeing moped gangs in new 'tactical contact' policy

    Dramatic video shows police ramming runaway moped gangs
    14 hours ago
    These dramatic images today reveal Scotland Yard’s new hardline war on London’s violent moped gangs.

    Extraordinary dashcam footage shows police pursuit drivers ramming fleeing moped thugs, sending them sprawling in the road. Police said the new strategy of ending pursuits with what the Met calls “tactical contact” was now in common use across London.

    The Met say the tactics are being used by specially trained “Skorpion” drivers and are designed to quickly end pursuits before riders or the public are injured. Scotland Yard released the footage today with a warning to moped thugs that officers will pursue them even if they discard their helmets or ride dangerously.

    In the past police have abandoned chases in some cases because officers feared they could be prosecuted if riders are injured or die. Today’s dashcam images show fleeing moped riders being hit from behind by police drivers and sent tumbling over the bonnet of police cars or into the road. Some are clearly shocked by what has happened.


    Tactical contact: dashcam footage shows a thug sent tumbling over the bonnet of a police car

    Senior officers admit some riders have been injured in the incidents and these cases have been referred to the police watchdog.

    Police say it is just one of a range of new measures, called Operation Venice, to tackle gangs who steal mopeds and use them to rob pedestrians of phones and other valuables. Victims have included money expert Martin Lewis and comedian Michael McIntyre, robbed by two men on a moped while parked outside his children’s school.


    A suspect is knocked into the road

    There have been 2,000 swoops in Operation Venice so far, leading to 736 arrests. Figures this year showed the number of offences by criminals on mopeds had increased 30-fold in five years in London. Some riders have stolen up to 30 phones in an hour. In May two teenage robbers dubbed “21st century highwaymen” were each jailed for more than 20 years after stabbing charity worker Abdul Samad to death in Paddington to get his iPhone.


    Officers close in on fleeing moped robbers

    Police say a combination of tactics — which also include using scrambler bikes, DNA sprays and stinger devices to deflate tyres — is reducing moped crime. Figures show 12,419 moped-related offences from January to October, compared with 19,455 in the same period last year, down 44 per cent.

    Met Commander Amanda Pearson said police drivers weighed up the risks of making contact, adding: “The public quite rightly expect us to intervene to keep London safe.”

  19. "You were injured in the course of your chosen criminal activity when the police stepped in to protect the public from your predation?"

    *performs a little jig of sympathy*

    "Gee, that's too bad ..."
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