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Featured More France!

Discussion in 'Touring' started by J biker, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. This time in the Cevennes. Been looking at some roads for while here and have to say they are bloody superb. Will post routes when back in front of a computer.
    Fir now think Mende to Alės...ish.
    Some great scenery but also some fantastic scratchers roads
    Couple of nice pictures.. 20210901_161940.jpg



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  2. I am sure that was npt Tennents!
    Never toiched the sides, time to find a Leffe! 20210901_183049.jpg
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  3. Big fumbs again
  4. Did you ride along N106 then?
  5. Yes
    But then turned north just before Alès and headed back toward Mende.
    I like. A lot.
    I tend to avoid N roads, but that is 'a corker'.
    Happy day out with well used tyres
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  6. The D906 from Alès to Villefort is amazing… You must have ridden it, right?
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  7. :upyeah:
  8. Pigged out on 3 course meal. Left some wine in the bottle ( gone a bit soft)
    Ready to sleep, ride, repeat in the morning.
    Will post hotel details at later point.
    1st impressions were 'its a minger!' But...no, service, food, wine very good. But hey, this is not UK
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  9. Mm 20210901_203120.jpg 20210901_194624.jpg
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  10. D901, les Vans heading west is one of my favorites.
  11. Cant see it on my phone?
    Aiming for D13 and west
  12. I’m so jealous I feel like putting @J biker on ignore.
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  13. Jealous? Me? :mad:
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  14. What I’d give to be in France on my bike right now.
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  15. It’s snot fair :(
  16. And what have we got?

    Cold grey skies, empty shelves, beer shortages.

    Those photos are stunning. Thanks for sharing.
  17. A few more pics.
    Starting with one in Marjevols, near Mende.
    Hotel was about 20 minutes walk from the old town entrance. Could not be botheted to walk down last night.
    I then took the D900 out.. 20210902_082039.jpg



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  18. After that it was a random zig zag towards Saint Flour, some cols, passes and towards Aurillac.
    Then fairly direct D roads back home.
    Some views on the way back.
    Btw, not many pictures of stunning roads as I was enjoying riding them too much to stop :upyeah:





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  19. The routes I wanted to do, one the N106, turning off just before Alès.
    The other the D906 up to Villefort (stunning...and fast).
    Usually I keep away from N roads, due to traffic and policing, but this one is a cracker!
    Attached Gmap screenshots in case you get the chance sometime and want to include them. Screenshot 2021-09-02 at 15.05.30.png Screenshot 2021-09-02 at 15.07.58.png
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