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Most Disappointing Piece Of Kit..

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by Gimlet, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. What have you bought that hasn't come up to expectations?

    Mine most recently is a pair of Rukka Virium gloves.

    I wanted some dependably waterproof summer gloves that would last and wouldn't suffer detached linings.
    Bought the Viriums back in the spring thinking you can't go far wrong with Rukka even if it does cost.
    They'd had only light dry weather use up until my trip to Scotland. First exposure to a couple of hours of heavy rain and my hands were wet. They're also very cold, even in summer, more so than a much cheaper pair of equally thin three season Held gloves gloves I've got. Also found I was getting numb thumbs and picking up vibration that I'd never noticed before with leather gloves.
    And now after less than six months light use the lining is letting go and one of the index fingers is starting to bunch.
    The only good thing I can say about them is you can use the sat-nav screen with them on and they dry quickly in the airing cupboard. Not what I expected of Rukka.

    Luckily I took a pair of four season Richa gloves with me to Scotland in case some of the early morning starts were a bit nippy (never got round to fitting heated grips) and they were perfect. Not too hot, totally waterproof, no vibration and half the price.
  2. Winter?? Fuck that!
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  3. Bought some Knox Handroid gloves for track days and must say they've been brilliant. I've been down the road in them too at quite a rate of knots (1st time I'd worn them) and they were fine. It's funny what goes through your mind when sliding down the tarmac but I distinctly remember thinking about my brand new 200 quid gloves! Ha!
    Shit disappointing kit? Those Dyson vacuum cleaners. Total over hyped wank. That's what the Mrs reckons anyhow. And don't get me started on those Dyson Air Blades. Messiest urinal I've ever come across....
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  4. The liner in those Rukka gloves come out so I cut them off. Used them over the winter in shit weather and they were fine, hands were wet but heated grips kept cold away.

    Still shit liners though

    The reason I’m not buying their clothing range
  5. Ive had a dyson vacuum cleaner for 6 or 7 years and its been great. Still going strong too.
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  6. Oh BandQ Karcher washers, pure shite
  7. liar!
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  8. Come to my house and ill show you a sucking like youve never seen!
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  9. Weve had a dyson for 20yrs. Still going strong

    R&G tank grips. Shite.
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  10. I'm not listening, la la la.... Dysons are shite and that's that.... la la la....

    And yeah, you've reminded me of tank grips. Shite indeed. They can go down the dumpit with those Dyson things.
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  11. Can’t beat a good ol’ Henry. The pre rule change version with the boost button too.
  12. Nothing wrong with an irational hatred of something Mary. I hate anything with a BMW badge for no particular rational reason. German nazi shite.
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  13. Wot? Even the M6?? Or the M4 GTS?? C'mon.....
  14. Ducati heated grips on my scrambler full throttle
  15. scotoilers. pish.
    dyson pish. we seem to have gone though lots of hoovers since i started letting the wife use em, i bet we have had more than six in 15years. our skirting boards and doors have been pretty pish since then too.
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  16. yep. I hatez BMW's with every sinew. I dont care how good they are or how fast. Plus my pani nailed a bmw m4 on m23. bastard kept accelerating to try to stop me passing till he ran outta puff. I kept it pinned. Scared the shit outta me over the M25 bridge bit at 183 but I done the fucker. Then spent the rest of the day telling myself off for being a twat. See, thats what BMNWs do to people. Wankers.
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  17. Just look up the cable tie trick for them
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  18. after watching a snooker tournament a few years ago, I decided to buy an expensive cue and take the game up to challenge the professionals.........:(
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  19. All R&G stuff shite.
    Evotech every time. Or, where applicable, Oberon.
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  20. R&G crash bungs are good.
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