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Most Underrated Clothing Brand

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by RC1, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Astars and dainese always seem to be the riders fave but what brands don't get the recognition they deserve in your view...?

    I'll kick of with furygan and spidi...
  2. Per Una
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  3. I'll second Furygan, their jackets are better than A* in looks and quality in my opinion.

    Richa also do the best winter gloves in the Richa Arctics, unbelievably good insulation without losing any feel. I had a 50 yard front facing slide at 70mph and they're still watertight.
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  4. I'm a bit of a label hound. Arai, Dainese, Sidi etc and my faith is usually rewarded.

    But I bought a cheap (£50, the price looks to have gone up a little) Buffalo jacket to commute on my scooter about 4 years back. I treat it like dirt, never wash it and it's been fantastic, especially for the money. No tears, burst seams, broken zips, broken vents, detached velcro. It's still 99% as I bought it. :upyeah:

    Buffalo Horizon Textile Motorbike Motorcycle Waterproof Jacket - Black | eBay
  5. furygan has been one of my favourite brands, always thought they were up there with the best, only thing I think there gloves are pretty poor in the comfort department compared to any other brand ive used, ive got the rst pro series ventilator 4 textile gear and for the money its fantastic value up to the point that I think there up there with the likes of alpinestar
  6. Anyone ever tried RS taichi or nankai? I like the japanese brands attention to detail but they also have some scary eighties designs
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  7. If remember buying my spidi xp5r boots. I tried them on alongside the equivalent sidi and astars. The spidis felt better so I went that way.

    I guess what fits protects better? I'll likely end up being a best of breed hotch potch then! I have to confess though that I won't go back to shoei after arai
  8. Furygan for leathers, jackets in particular. Held for textiles and gloves.
  9. I was always told jap leathers are usually the best.

    I thought everyone knew Furygan was top end stuff. Easily as good as alpinestars and dainese. Just not as mainstream.

    Bit like Arlen Ness was, which also used to be very good.
  10. Knox gloves and underbody armour fab!
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  11. ive been wearing a richa 2 piece the last 7 years. One jacket zip gone. Worn at the knee from chain maintainence but not worn on the right bum cheek from two slides.

    If money were no object I'd be in either a dainese catsuit or a rukka textile. But it is so I'm not. Simples!
  12. im loving my new kushitani gloves - dont look that flash though
  13. Held leathers
  14. Love my Spidi textile mesh jacket and Fives gloves Wife's (small Asian) Taichi mesh pants are quite good and she likes them also loves her Richa short boots
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  15. I've got a Bering leather jacket which is superb quality. Wasn't expensive either. (Are they the same thing as Furygan..?)
    And TCX boots. Fairly big name I guess but they don't have the kudos of the other big brands but IMO they're some of the best boots you can buy.
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  16. And gloves.
  17. Plus one on TCX boots. I've had two pairs, normal and shorter boot styled ones and they've both 100% watertight. A more subtle design and don't cost crazy money.
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  18. Yes I've got a pair of TCX Goretex shorties. I only bought them as summer boots to wear with jeans but I've ended up wearing them all the time, hot and cold, wet and dry and with leather or textiles. Two years old now, still in excellent nick, totally waterproof, comfortable, non sweaty and they don't stink. The next full length touring boots I buy will be TCX.
  19. I have Bering jacket to. Like it lots.
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  20. Another one for Tcx gortex four years with zero problems , had to replace toe sliders and parts were easy to get and simple to fit. I have a pair of Dainese and Rst textile bottoms and always seem to wear the Rst as they are so well.
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