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Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Sicilian, Nov 24, 2021.

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  1. If it comes with better panniers than Supersport this will be serious for me.
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  2. Me too, hope it come with Öhlin. This could replace my ST3. Read right now that it will be panniers.
  3. Serious questions. Where does this bike sit in the market place and what is it competing against for sales ? Andy
  4. A good looking two cylinder bike who can carry two people and with panniers. Not this ugly Strada/GS/Adv bikes.
    That's the niche. Wish Ducati could do that.
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  5. Honda have their new sports tour thing so some companies looking at sport/tour market again.
  6. Good looking bike that’ll find it’s place easily among the big tourers and twin cylinder Italian bike enthusiasts
    I’m glad to say Moto Guzzi have finally embraced some modern technology with this latest model.
    One thing I can’t make out the exhaust finish.
    In the Op link one down pipe is gold/ metal finish and the other is black
    Then on the red example it’s a nasty silver?
    And why have they felt the need to rotate the cylinders by 45 degrees, the forward facing pipes looked cool

    I’m sure it’ll look and sound fabulous in the flesh, looking forward to it.
  7. ^^^^ Packaging for the airbox/injectors probably and to give the rider more knee room - agree it does look a bit odd
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  8. Yes agree about the colour of the pipes, I like the black and gold, but silver looks a bit pants.
    I think the cylinders have been rotated to make room for the water cooling radiator.
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  9. As a bit of a fan of the marque that puts the motors in the wrong way round, Im also looking forward to this and what sort of $'s we're looking at.
    It may well join my 95 sport and mk4 in the shed.
  10. There will be an Ohlins spec model too. Sounds promising. Dealer network for me, meant it is a none starter. 115bhp on a heavyish bike too. Will need to make power everywhere not to feel a bit under gunned.
    Overall though I like it a lot. Definitely the right direction.

    115bhp rumoured, who knows..
  11. Would like to see one of these come to fruition as well

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  12. Mmm it’s thrilling my sense so far. Sportish styling, maybe with hard panniers. The saddle looks good for two to. Maybe a better screen, some aftermarket will fix that. Torque engine with moderate power, not a sprocket rocket.
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