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Moto Rapido

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Groundhog, May 22, 2020.

  1. It may have been mentioned already, but Moto Rapido have re opened their workshops this week on reduced staff.

    I have just booked my Desmo service. I can feel my wallet lightening as I speak:confused:
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  2. booked my first service in with them on the V2 also, money I don't want to be spending right now but can't wait to get it back with fresh oil and be able to push the revs more.
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  3. They are allowing demos too
  4. i bet they just cant wait for the fifty tom dick and knob jockey to turn up...with perhaps one buying...
  5. TBF the posts I saw were mates who have bought bikes from them. Several bikes. But they did post about having them available, so did Snells.
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  6. people... Grrrr
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  7. Chancing people ...even worse!
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  8. catch 22 though, stating the obvious but you know the boot can be on the other foot where the product is nothing like purported to be ergo there has to be a "try it out" facility, how else could it be done? I'm surprised they don't at least ask for petrol money.
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  9. Unless I’ve finally gone totally gaga, I remember people complaining that a dealer wanted to charge something like £25 or even as much as £50 for a test ride. Not sure if that would be refunded if you bought though. Andy
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  10. Moto Rapido supplied a friends new bike with just enough fuel to get her to the petrol station a mile away. They must have loads of money for test ride fuel.
    My French dealer supplied my bike with a full tank.
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  11. Probably used it all in their dyno
  12. I’ve now bought 4 new bikes. 2 ducati and 2 bmw. Ducati came about 1/4 full, Bmw about 3/4.
  13. Why would they?
  14. I think it’s down right bloody rude to demo a bike and take it back empty. I always shove some fuel back in it, often more than I started with :confounded:

    When I took my bike in for a service and borrowed a demo to ride home on they had to hunt around for one that had some fuel in it :joy: seem to recall they charged £15 for the use of the bike, not sure if that’s for insurance purposes and if they do that with demo bikes too?
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  15. Thats taking liberties given that Ducati pay the dealers fifty quid for each test ride - they certainly did eight years ago.

    Ducati UK certainly wouldn’t have knowingly sanctioned that and would have had a word if they’d been informed.
  16. I wasn't pointing a finger at Ducati, IIRC, the discussion was about test rides in general for all brands. Neither Snells or MR have ever charged me for any of the test rides I have had from them in 20 years. Andy
  17. Oh no I wasn't saying that you were Andy, infact I was agreeing with you in that some dealers take the piss based on the popularity of a known model.

    I worked once with a guy who used to work in snells parts department so thats how I know. When I told him that back then P&H were basically charging for a demo ride (1098 era iirc) he nearly spat his drink out.
  18. Massive shout out to MotoRapido! They picked my V2 up yesterday morning, they serviced it, they found the issue with the wiring (cause by the dealer I purchased from), fixed it and returned the bike to me this evening.. Absolutely superb...
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  19. The nearest petrol to MotoRapido is the Eastern Road Shell filling station. It’s less than 0.5 mile away.
    I’ve always insisted on a full fuel tank as part of the deal when buying off a dealer.
  20. Why didn't you send it back to the first dealer,as it was their mistake and not your wallets,or was it a F.O.C job.?
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