Motogp Commentators Nick Harris & Julian Ryder Stepping Down

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  1. Nick Harris is as synonymous to MotoGP commentary as Dan Maskell was to tennis or Murray Walker to F1. I guess everyone has their time. He had a very distinctive tone. Surprised that Julian Ryder is leaving though. He's a walking encyclopedia on the Sport. That leaves Keith Heuwen and a.n other for 2018. I hope they dont bring back Toby Moody! My money is on either Hodgson/Edwards as a permanent pairing.

    Update on November 10th – Speaking at the start of BT Sport’s coverage of the first MotoGP practice session on Friday morning, Ryder said, “My name is Julian Ryder, I’m here for the last weekend of my MotoGP career.” Ryder also explained his reasoning at the start of the broadcast. “I decided that I can’t deal with the travel anymore, I’ve got other jobs I want to do, so I’m quietly out the door on Sunday.”

    Speaking to Keith Huewen, Ryder said that “it has been the pleasure of my professional life to commentate with you. It has always been fun, as it should be!”
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  2. I quite like Julian Ryder. It's that buffoon Huewen that should be walking.
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  3. I like Ryder, he's a more calm mannered side of the pairing which kinda makes it work.

    Having said that I fully understand his desire to stop the travel, in between races it's not like he gets much time at home and he's not getting any younger

    I've even changed my mind on Keith nowadays, he's actually pretty direct and I like that, there's less fluff which is a good thing.
  4. Don't recognise the name Nick Harris but guess that's the Friday commentator ? Will miss Julian Ryder and sincerely hope they don't look to the Eurosport commentators Matt Roberts and Greg Haines as replacements. Andy
  5. Or whithAm or the Aussie arse
  6. Wonder if Hodgy will step up and replace him.
  7. Please, NOT Toesland or that fekking idjit Doyle. Andy
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  8. I enjoy the knowledge and banter, will miss them
  9. I find Ryder dull and tedious beyond words.
    As for WSBK I'm honestly bewildered how they make it seem so dull!
  10. Met Julian a few times over the years and he’s always had time for a chat.
    Good luck to him for the future the traveling must be a ball ache.
  11. Oh please god nooooo

    Toesland is so wooden, ok he looks like he's made from rubber but you know what I mean

    As for cheeky Irish chappy Doyle, he can just carry on selling windows
  12. Because it is dull. Even F1 is less dull.
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  13. Nick Harris when not at a MotoGP is always at whatever game Oxford United are playing as he commentates on them, as a season ticket holder myself I often see him in the press box.

    There was some talk a few years ago about taking the club over but i suspect with our robbing git of a landowner that won’t happen.
  14. You're right. I can't get a French stream for MotoGP so often have to listen in English to this pair of bell-ends. The Julian one talks like he has something stuck in his mouth, probably a cock, and it's a podium the winners are on, a fucking podium!
  15. It took me a long time to like Jules, his pairing with Toby didnt help. Their in jokes and trying to outdo each other with vintage race stats etc pissed me off, ‘1982 Roberts Spa anybody’ Boooorrring.
    Post BT he’s grown on me partly out of sympathy the way KH talks down to him.
    Huewen hurts my brain, I have to mute when he goes off on one.
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  16. Saw that on FB (think I shared it too) and really hope its a paddock insight role, not commentating
  17. Shame he is joining the MotoGP commentary feed and not the BT Sport commentary team. Andy
  18. Neil gunna steep up? He's grown into the role quite well.
    he's a bit of a legend, has some respect from the paddock ( rightly so) and although he's not that way inclined, id like to think he could rip tosslands arms off and give him a new hair style with the bloody ends of his dismembered appendages...
    just saying....
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