For Sale Multi Dvt 2015 S White £9300 Quick Sale

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by bradders, Sep 12, 2018.

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  1. Looks like a deal may be done on another bike. Been offered an OK px, but as its non brand a cash price and cash plus PX is no different. So thought I'd spread the love and maybe offer someone a bargain....

    2015 Aug reg, 1200S DVT
    Standard bike, not Rob Lewis clean but good condition and certainly as good as any I see when out and about of this age
    8500 ish miles
    FDSH only ever been touched by WM Snells, supplying dealer
    Colour coded top box
    Ducati powered tank bag
    Centre stand
    Heated grips
    Cruise control
    Colour screen
    New PR4s fitted in last 300 miles
    Chain about 3k miles ago
    Leo Vince can (about 500 miles old if that)
    PUIG carbon affect screen plus standard
    Navilhalter GPS bracket
    Have added a decal kit, it is NOT hiding anything underneath, just wanted a different look. Hairdryer and tug on it will come straight off. Looks ok from 10 paces.. ;)
    Needs MOT as it was august registered so will have full 12m on it
    Possibly due an oil change service on time, although last one was around Jan this year IIRC
    All keys, books etc
    Good bike.

    Also have DP comfort seat, red panniers available separately

    Bits worth mentioning, if being picky.
    Small dink from pothole on rear wheel, its been there since 600 miles and never got worse, cosmetic
    Couple of small scuffs (boots etc get on)
    Usual Ducati corrosion - this bike has been used in winter 3 times only - and two of those were to dealer and back for service/recall

    Been offered £9300 against new bike. Anyone want it for £9800 and I'll chuck in the panniers and seat. Needs to be in the next week. Bought DP seat for £300 and panniers for £450 so decent value.

    Couple of recent pictures (note the plain white ones have the strap missing for the can, as the bolt had come off, you can see on the next shots its there :) )


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  2. Good luck with the BMW and good luck with the sale. Been nice knowing you, albeit briefly :rolleyes::D
  3. HAHA I won't be doing a maybe and flouncing ;)
  4. Now I'm curious Bradders, BMW what?
  5. Fancy a change, so looking at s1000r sport. Truth be told, I really want a tuono but I have too be realistic: way too tall, closest dealer is an hour away, still not convinced on relativity or good will if stuff goes wrong.

    It will be perfect for work.
  6. Part ex down the line is great, if you're buying another BMW...
  7. Bought a Tuono about 6 weeks ago and did the NC500 on it. What a bike, just does everything and great fun too.
    I looked at the S1000R Sport too and BMW have some cracking deals on bikes at the minute but everyone I spoke to said the Tuono was the better bike and I agree.
  8. Cleaned it up today, you guys missed a peach of a bargain!!!

    Can’t be bothered to take the rad protection grills off, Leo can stays on, 11k forecourt bike.

    Goes Tuesday for an MOT with dealer, then collect new bike Sat.

    Will be Panniers, navihalter, rear crash bobbins, screen, DP comfort seat for sale
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