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Multi V4s To Streetfighter V4s

Discussion in 'Streetfighter' started by Oly, Apr 9, 2024.

  1. looking to go from my 72 plate multi v4s to a streetfighter v4s
    would i get a 23 model without parting with loads of cash? or would it be a 21/22 model? i prefer low miles as my multi only has 3500 miles in.
    is it a detriment to go for a yes folder bike? i know the 23 is refined somewhat
  2. Given the prices actually being realised for a previously owned Multistrada V4S today, I believe you’ll need to dig very deep to change to a late, low mileage Streefighter. IMO, you are still looking at finding £2k for a Streetfighter the same year as your Multistrada. The market is really weird at the moment. Andy
  3. I am test riding a Streetfighter V4S; Tempus Fugit and back surgery mean that whilst I love my 959 I think the time has come to retire gracefully from full-on sportsbikes. Sad days.

    Let's hope the SF is as entertaining on track.....
  4. I'm just about to go the other way. SFV4S to V4 Rally. Hope i've made the right choice.
  5. Loved the engine on the SFV4S; pegs were too high for comfort me though so maybe I will try the V4RS as that has the same engine....
  6. I have one of each , best of both worlds - Streetfighter scratches my sportbike background itch .
  7. I'd consider a V4 Pikes Peak if coming from a Streetfighter.
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  8. i got a busa for that sort of entertainment.
  9. Done a test ride on SFV4 yesterday - holy crap... That engine is crazy. Think I'm going to stay on my Rally for the sake of my licence. Briliant bike, blew my mind.
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