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For Sale Multistrada 1100 Ds - Cheap! £2500

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Fire3500, Jun 28, 2019.

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  1. My mate is considering breaking his Multistrada DS. It's an Öhlins / Termi equipped one and is black. He's just given £2500 for it and isn't gelling with it. I'll be sad if he breaks a perfectly decent bike... :(

    Trying to get some pics and specifics out of him but this is a video of it:

    Anyone interested in saving this one from the knacker's yard? Seems to have a few bits on it like crash bobbins and a bit of carbon. He just wants his money back, so seems like a steal for someone.

    It's in DN21 in North Lincolnshire.
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  2. If I had £2500 I would be interested. Unfortunately havent shifted my Senna 900. I have been looking at early Multis recently.
  3. 2007, 14k miles. MoT for 10 months.
  4. Bargain!
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  5. Sad that he is considering breaking it. I have the same bike and love it. I would suggest he puts it for sale on ebay/gumtree/friday-ad/auto trader. Hell of a bike for the price.

    btw it's a 1000S Ds
  6. I think he might move a little on price for a fast sale.
  7. Stop tempting me, the wife would kill me
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  8. Tell her it’s part of the project.
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  9. Correction, it’s an 1100. Previous owner reckons it’s serviced it up but as my buddy is a decent sort and this claim isn’t supported by paperwork he’s not standing by that. It does have a year of MOT on it though. Just isn’t floating his boat.

    Pics? Here you go.

    88BD456F-0451-4E6E-AA09-DD2AE974A4A4.jpeg BD58DE6C-AF13-4FBA-AFEC-DA7852C737A8.jpeg F3C1CCE7-7199-4DB0-9B37-74776F492015.jpeg 8D1377B6-2E3C-4EB3-A40B-92A8925FB28F.jpeg FDA4010F-39E6-4DF1-A364-8E7CF6566544.jpeg 76D63A37-010B-4B9F-85BA-EDDD96F50785.jpeg E19AFC41-19FE-49D5-AE5C-261B7DB7E482.jpeg 4A84B396-B39D-459A-AA89-BB5CAA2EE53D.jpeg AD8790BD-777C-4F29-8A9E-776460224CF1.jpeg 53DC7094-B56C-4FD1-90E3-246AF9692917.jpeg F5620D4C-1675-40B6-9CDE-68E4C4BC99DE.jpeg
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  10. It's only got 14k miles on the clock and sounds really pretty fit. I'd say it's not pristine but doesn't seem to suffer from swollen tank and the paintwork is quite nice. Comes with some pannier racks as well I think.
  11. Ok, now Im really interested.....

    He doesnt want a 900 SS does he?
  12. He might well. Do you want his number?
  13. Is this still for sale?
  14. this is a cracker at the price and surprised not gone yet.
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  15. Still for sale. PM me and I’ll give you the contact details
  16. Daft question but I'm newish. How do I PM. I can't see it anywhere obvious
  17. Click on his avatar and "start a conversation"
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  18. Sold pending the usual!
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  19. Its just what Ive been after, thanks for your help Ian @Fire3500
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  20. Thread closed?
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