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Multistrada 1200 Centre Stand Any Good?

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by Misterpink, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. thinking of getting a centre stand either Ducati or SW motech. Any thoughts? Or should I just get a rear paddock stand? Does the centre stand ground out on cornering? The SW motech one looks good and fits neater.
  2. Not quite sure I understand your concern but I have a '12 sTouring that has the centre stand as standard and in 5 years I've never grounded it whilst riding on the road (can't comment about off road coz that's not my thing). I consider myself a fairly spirited rider so if the centre stand was going to dig in, I'd have thought it would have done it by now. As to the practicality of it, it's great on firm ground but I use front and rear paddock stands to do any work on it. Andy
  3. I too am looking at the SW Motech. Just for use when touring to oil chain etc. Did anyone have any views on it?
  4. From what I can tell the SW-motech has a shorter leg which sticks out, the one you put your foot on, which is neater and closer in, don't know if harder to put on stand though.
  5. Thanks for that. I remember reviewers of the Multi moaning that the centre stand caught your foot or something when changing gear so hopefully the Motech avoids that problem. Having a bugger of a time finding reviews for them. Found 2, one bitching cos it fell off after 600 miles (Torque wrench!?) and the second, perhaps more relevantly, complaining about slightly dodgy fit. I suppose if they were proper shite the internet would be chocka with people moaning so maybe this is a good sign! :)
  6. I don't know if the centre stand touches down as I have removed it, but I can confirm that the side stand does...!
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  7. Bugger me. Fair play mate! My left hand boot is chamfered off at 45 degrees but my sidestand remains unblemished #musttryharder
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  8. Hehe... I confess it wasn't intentional but more a case of needs must as the other option didn't really bear thinking about... :)
  9. Bloody hell, I wouldnt scrape my kick stand on corners if it was extended
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  10. Did that once on another bike....not a good ending OUCHH!
    Glad it worked out for you. Now I make sure I lean off the bike as much as possible. You must have been on the very edge of the tyre
  11. The standard centre stand on the 1200S Touring touches down on the left easily when the bike is loaded and 2 up, even with the Skyhook set up to suit (neither me or the missus are particularly heavy) The centre stand foot on my bike looks like KevB's photo all the time, it just needs a dab of black paint every once in a while.
    What I would add is that the standard centre stand has an extended leg that you push down and forwards on to pop the bike up, it works really well, but if you ride on the balls of your feet as I do your left heel sits over and top of the extended stand leg, it feels a bit weird at first, maybe this is why it touches down, perhaps I am pressing down on it with my heel!!
    I honestly think all larger bikes should have a centre stand, it makes them easier to load, keep clean, maintain and store with wheels off the floor through winter.
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  12. It's a bit of a maule to get them on the centre stand only did it once pulled my back was in agony for a month
    ABBA superbike stand is the thing
  13. Yeah, there's normally a knack to getting big bikes onto a centre stand. Once you have it, it's fine but if not, it's easy to hurt yourself. I rememeber having a massive fight with a GS Adventure with bags on it. I need a centre stand for touring though because trying to oil a chain without one is a bloody nuisance, especially if traveling alone.
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  14. I weighed that question as well between another single-sided Pit-bull stand or a center-stand.
    I opted to go for the Ducati center-stand as it's more practical and two Pit-Bull stands is unnecessary.
    I have noticed that my left heel hits it on occasion but for street riding it's ok.
    It's easily removed should I ever bring the Multistrada to the track.
  15. :eek:
  16. Should of tried the one that came on my Multistrada, this is at it's first service. LRM_EXPORT_64302931870199_20190531_202831538.jpeg
    Not going to name dealer as they sorted it PDQ.
  17. Is that a Ducati stand or SW Motech? I thought the Ducati one had a longer arm that sticks out to put your foot on?
  18. I always found the Centre Stand on my DVT did a good job, and was easy to get it on and off the centre stand
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  19. Umm...it looks a bit high but is that the only thing wrong? Sorry for the daft question! :)
  20. Feck me Bumpkin, you must have a pair of guns on you or did someone give you a hand :cool:
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