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Multistrada 1200s Abs Touring - Major Engine Fault

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Bartosz, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. Hi everyone

    At the beginning I would like to thank you for accepting me in the forum.

    My name is Bartosz and I was riding the Ducati Multistrada 1200s ABS Touring from 2010. Unfortunately, after the last long journey probably the worst happened to me. My mechanic said the probability of the main bearing failing. I bought this motorcycle in January this year and literally drove 4500km. On the numeral there are 73000+ km.

    If there is a person in the forum who knows what could be done in this situation, please reply to my. Any idea is a great idea. Always open for a chat. :)

    Best regards,
  2. Ouch :astonished::( welcome to the Forum Bartosz :upyeah:.

    I am guessing the bike has no warranty bring either purchased privately or, if purchased from a dealer, it only had 3 months warranty.

    If it does have a warranty still then speak to the selling dealer. However, if not then as you are Dublin based I think the best thing is to get the bike to Moto Technic, Kimmage, Dublin. Robbie there is a trained Ducati mechanic working as an independent and has a very good reputation. He’ll give you an honest opinion and then you can weigh up your options,

    a) rebuild the engine
    b) buy a replacement second hand engine (always fraught with problems of unknown provenance etc)
    c) buy another bike and sell what you have as parts.

    Not a good start for you with the bike and I feel for you.
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  3. Welcome, and sorry about your problem - i would say that if the bike is otherwise in good condition - confirm it is the bearing and if you think it is worthy it rebuild the engine, that way you know that you are sorted for the future.
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  4. Welcome dude :cool::upyeah: sorry to here of your bad news :worried:
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  5. Hi and welcome sorry to hear of your misfortunes hope you get it sorted
  6. Sell it.....
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  7. There are a few complete motors on eBay sub £2K. Maybe that would be an option for you if yours is shot ?
  8. Welcome to the forum and it is a real shame your first post has to be about a catastrophe. The early (2010) 1200 Multistrada wasn’t the most reliable of bikes although with 40,000 miles, yours has stood the test of time up until this point. I have slightly less miles than you on mine and due to piston ring wear, I had my engine rebuilt in March as I wanted to keep the bike. In my opinion, with a bike with those miles, an engine rebuild shouldn’t just look at the problem, if the bike is a keeper. Again IMO, buying a second hand engine has as much chance of ending up being a money pit as being successful. If the bike is not a keeper, as has been suggested, it might be best to take the hit and sell it as spares or repair because a rebuild could be about 4000€ depending on the work you have done. Andy
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  9. Welcome and a shame it’s not under better circumstances. I think first port of call is to a good recommended independent who can diagnose and offer a likely cost? I think if it’s viable I’d rather rebuild the engine you’ve got?
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  10. Welcome and good luck
  11. Welcome Bartosz, sorry to hear of your problems with the Multistrada, that's a bummer. If you're otherwise happy with the bike then suggest as others here have in that you look into the costs of a rebuild by a recommended independent.
  12. Welcome to the forum
  13. Hi All

    Thanks for welcoming me.

    Thanks for any advise I've reed. I already been in Robbie garage and price for fix it could be 3-4k or more. Unfortunately he don't know exactly.

    Anybody have any great idea how to sell bike with this kind of issue?

    If I decide sell for parts where to look to do this. I know that this option is longer term but if nobody want to buy probably this will be the last & the only option.

    Thanks in advance & have you all great times on your machines.

    Best regards,
  14. Hi @Bartosz if you’ve not already joined then ask to join this FB group and post on there about a) your problem and b) that you may want to either sell the bike as is or start stripping it and selling the parts. There be someone out there who can help in one way or another.

  15. Hi & thanks:upyeah:. I will do like you said for sure, I will try my chances. Have you a great day over there. :D
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  16. If you like a challenge why not consider doing the lionshare of the work yourself and get the independent mechanic to do what you don't want to. It might bring the cost to within your budget.

    Maybe DOC members locally might give some time with you to help out.

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