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For Sale Multistrada 1200s Touring 2018 - 882 Miles -as New.

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Grebetow, Jan 8, 2019.

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  1. Due to changing circumstances I find myself unable to use my beautiful new bike anywhere near as much as I had intended, and I am struggling to justify simply having it sat there in my garage unused.

    Therefore I am seriously considering selling the bike. Details as follows:

    Multistrada 1200S Touring.
    Registered 6th March 2018, so on an '18 plate.
    882 miles only, with first service completed in August.
    Volcano Grey with the red frame.
    Touring pack.
    Urban pack.

    The bike has been washed after every ride, has not been ridden since September, is totally unmarked and is, effectively, a new bike.

    It is the 'S' model, with Skyhook suspension, colour screen etc.

    The bike is fitted with the following:
    Colour coded panniers
    Color coded top box (and rack, of course)
    Centre stand.
    Heated grips.
    Ducati (Givi) tank bag with power extension & USB ports.
    Screen Angels screen protector.
    Optimate lead.
    Ducati satnav mount wired for Garmin satnav.
    R&G engine/frame, front fork/axle and handlebar sliders.
    Ducati pannier inner bags.
    Carbon fibre front mudguard extender (not fitted)
    Tricolour rim tapes (not fitted).

    I also have a service voucher worth £301.00 from SMC Ducati in Sheffield, though I am unsure whether this will be transferrable.

    An utterly fantastic bit of kit, which it will break my heart to sell. The new cost was close to £20k.

    ASKING PRICE - £16,950 OVNO.

    I believe this is a very realistic price and represents a huge saving for someone. I will consider serious offers, but no silly ones please!! I don't have to sell, and will only do so for the right price!!

    The bike is stored in my garage at home in Sheffield. If you would like a chat or wish to view, give me a call.

    Greg: 07779230413.
  2. Got any photos Greg?
  3. I will try to post some pictures tomorrow - I didn’t have time to take the bike out of the garage today.
  4. Images posted hopefully......I'm not great at this stuff! The bike also has a proper Ducati MTS tank protector fitted, which I forgot to mention.
  5. In June last year I purchased same model with full termi & chip fitted. Same extras apart from tank box. £ 17500 from Ducati Leeds. You have a fantastic bike there but 17K is high.I guess the dealer offered you a pittance for it. Sad really that you have had little use from it. Friend in same boat with a BMW R1200R Exclusive that he bought late last year. 2000 miles on clock. He paid around 13 K for it & the dealers at York have offered him 8.5k Ridiculous I know but a sad fact. I wish you the best of luck with your sale. Fingers crossed.
  6. Hi, thank you for your comments.

    I realise that my price price is unrealistically high, but I had to start somewhere and I am open to considering serious offers.

    I am so unsure about selling the bike, which is, as you say, absolutely fantastic. When I took it out of the garage to take the photos this afternoon, I failed to understand why I’m even considering it!!

    I haven’t taken it - and won’t be taking it - to a dealer. No point as I don’t need to sell it.

    If a decent offer comes along, then maybe........
  7. OK, after a great deal of soul searching, I have reached the decision that, most regrettably, the Multi has to go. The way my year is going to pan out, I just will not have the opportunity to use it as my wife and I had intended.

    Due to business reasons, we have already had to cancel a French tour that we had planned for June, and the Multi is just too much bike to have sat waiting in the garage for the occasional blast around the Peak District for a fry up on a Saturday morning.

    I don't think that we will have the opportunity to even double the mileage in the coming year. We need a cheap toy, not a state of the art superbike.

    The way that things can change unexpectedly. Bugger.

    Therefore, I am reducing the asking price to a much more realistic £15,950 ONO, and will consider reasonable offers.

    The bike needs nothing for that World tour (the one that we won't now be doing!!), and will be a fantastic bargain for someone. It still has 14 months factory warranty remaining.

    Call me for a chat if you think you might be interested.

    Greg - 07779230413.
  8. What a lovely bike, would suit me down to the ground. Only problems are that I doubt that I could reach the ground on a Multi and Brexit. :worried:
  9. In respect of the height, I don't think that it is particularly high. I have a 34" inside leg and, with the seat on the high setting, I comfortably have both feet flat on the ground. The lower setting does reduce the height a fair bit. Check out The Missenden Flyer's YouTube long term review on the 950, which I think is actually higher due to a larger front wheel and different suspension. He is 5'8" and he has no issues with the height of the bike.

    In respect of Brexit, can't help you there I'm afraid; I don't think anyone can. Except to say that, come April, the world will still be turning, and will surely continue to do so.........
  10. GLWS
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  11. Thank you sir. Did you like my bins?? :D
  12. It looks a very nice bike, obviously mint.

    I’ve looked at Multi prices a lot recently, having just bought one. I’m very sorry to say that even at your lowered price I think you’ll be struggling. Which seems entirely unfair given the bike has only done just 800 miles.

    To give you some perspective more than one dealer offered me ex demo 2018 1260s touring spec bikes for £15k. Yes, 1260s’s. They wouldn’t have the top box or tank bag but you can do the maths on that yourself.

    Unfortunately you’re in the situation where you’re going to take the biggest bath in the bikes value in the whole of its life. I don’t think you’ll loose much if any more if you keep it for another year, which I suggest you do.

    Look on Autotrader bikes to get comparable prices and go back to the dealer to ask what they could do.
    Maybe they’d sell it for you as opposed to buying/stealing it off you. Maybe.

    I apologise for bringing the bad news and sincerely hope I’m wrong.
    One last thought. You’ll get a better price in Spring than now.
  13. I think the proper term for them is “panniers” :)
  14. No he has Bins in the background for DB
  15. Whoooosh! ;)
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  16. Thank you all for your input.

    I understand where the market is on these, and know that - if I do sell it now - I will take a kicking.

    This is always a risk with new bikes, and I didn’t buy it lightly, expecting to be selling it after less than a year. My plan was 3 years, at least.

    Almost certainly better to have another year or two of pleasure out of it and then get a reasonable price.

    I just don’t know what to do. As I have said, I will consider offers. I might just sit tight and see what happens........
  17. I am not in the camp that believe bikes increase in value when they become 4 months older (in April). I think that they are just easier to sell in spring. If you want to sell it , it will be painful now as well as in spring. You are probably looking at somewhere between 13K and 14K. (just my opinion)
  18. I'm probably with you on that, certainly easier to sell in spring. Worth more then? Maybe, but not much difference I suspect.

    I think £13K is very very low, and I certainly would not sell for less than about £14.5K. There are a few on Ebay around these sort of prices, but all are older, or don't have the spec, or have covered 5000 miles, or all of the above. There are very few on Autotrader to compare prices. There is nothing at all out there with the spec/age/miles that mine has.

    Anyway, weather permitting, my wife and I are going for a spin in the Peak District tomorrow. From our house over the hill to the Rivelin Valley and out into the Peaks over Snake Pass into Glossop, returning over Woodhead Pass and home via the Strines and Hathersage.

    It's a fair bet that I won't be selling at any price after that.
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  19. I managed ok with a 28 inch inseam
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