For Sale Multistrada 1200s

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  1. My Multistrada 1200S for sale, June 16 reg so still under warranty, 4100 miles approx but will increase tomorrow when the brake recall is done, main stand, all the usual stuff which we all know about and I have only ever ridden it in Touring mode. White with the following items carbon dipped, exhaust cover, hugger and mudguard. I intend to keep the panniers and top box for my new bike when it arrives.

    No idea how to add an image but I guess if your reading this then you know what it looks like.

    Based in Witney (Oxfordshire) and would like £11750 Ono.
  2. :) BigA,
    I think you might need to check that the DVT panniers & top-box will fit the new 1260, assuming that is what you are aiming for, as I believe the TB will require a new base mount, certainly as I've had it explained to me anyway and I wasn't advised that the panniers on my late 2014 Pikes Peak would be a straight swap!

    Worth just verifying for yourself? :confused:
  3. Well so far my dealer assures me that the panniers and top box will fit, I have not actually tried them but will do tomorrow when the bike goes in for the brake recall. I will report back tomorrow evening for definite.

  4. when you posting a box comes up at the bottom of the screen,,Upload a file,,click on that and thats what you do to load up your pictures,,,hope this helps:upyeah:
  5. Correction to the mileage, not 4100 but 3475 as this time I had my glasses on.
  6. Just a general enquiry if you don’t mind...

    What’s carbon dipped mean ? and is it removable ?
    Does it have heated grips?
    Last service ?
    Got all the books, keys etc ?

  7. Top box requires new base mount as per @TonyMNo1 panniers from 2016 dvt will be a straight fit
  8. It’s the process whereupon the part is cleaned, prepared then dipped into water and a carbon fibre effect is laid onto the part, as seen on TV and as done by a local company, very hard wearing and looks like the real this, but heaps cheaper. See pics.

    One lady solicitor who did 1200 miles then me, now done 3475 miles and I am getting a new 1260.
    Yes heated grips.
    First service done at dealer then serviced last August before I collected it.
    Got all the books, fob, key and spare key I use to unlock the tank etc from my pocket.

  9. Correct, I tried a pannier today and it fits, and we went through the parts details and it needs the new base mount.

    Not to expensive.
  10. I think I might keep the bike, a standard 1260 has no QS and the non colour screen, which are two of the things I like, to get those you have to get the S version which is heaps of cash and seeing as mine has only done 3475 miles then the wife said why not keep it, which I guess is sensible.

    Perhaps next year.
  11. Don’t blame you, it will probably only be worth £500 less in 12 months.
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  12. Top box does not require new mount, 1200 mount transfers to 1260, same part number and trial fit completed. :upyeah:
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  13. Nice one.... I was told that due to the different grab handle arrangement, I’d need another type, good news that:)
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  14. I was quoted £10750

    You're welcome, you had me worried for a minute so i took my mount up to my dealer and fitted it to their demonstrator, after confirming with their parts guys. :upyeah:
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  15. Don't know whether this is still useful/relevant - I've a 2018 Pikes Peak, which I saw today against my 2015 DVT - the rack is different and dealer was adamant that the two were not interchangeable (of course I may have just been stitched up!).
  16. This guy reckons the old mout will fit, as do I having measured it.

  17. Alan,

    As above, I’ve actually fitted my old rack off my 2016 bike to the 1260 demo at my local dealer following order being placed.

    Fitted perfectly, and after speaking to parts he confirmed that both 1200 and 1260 top box rack have the same part numbers.