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1260 Multistrada 1260s Poor Quality?

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Pirsig, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    First post here and just had a quick question. Coming as a long term Triumph owner I recently purchased a new MTS 1260s and so far have been very disappointed with the quality of the bike.

    The bike is 4 weeks old and went in for its first service at 2.5 weeks old ready for it's first big road trip. The next day it broke down and I have just collected it from the dealer after they and Ducati finally found out what was wrong with it - the coils had apparently failed....after 670 miles.

    This in itself was worrying and disappointing, but on collection I noticed the paint/finish is rubbing off the engine casing where my riding trousers must rub very lightly. This looks terrible with two distinct black patches on the other wise silver finish.

    The dealer has photographed for a warranty claim, but seemed very unsure whether Ducati would cover this. This has never occurred on any other motorcycle I have owned - then again none of my other bikes have broken down, let alone broken down at two and a half weeks stage of ownership.

    So far the Ducati experience has been poor to say the least, especially considering the price of this bike. Is this the normal state to be expected with Ducati ownership?

    If they reject the warranty claim at this stage with such a poor quality of finish that trousers have rubbed it off after less than 700 miles and two and half weeks of riding and one complete breakdown I will be looking to get out the bike/seeking a refund on the grounds of unsatisfactory quality in a £17.5k bike.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Is the bike brand new? If so then I would ask the dealer to reject it on your behalf with Ducati, as not being fit for purpose.

    Ps who's the dealer?

    Pps. Introduce yourself properly in the newbies section
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  3. Hi, thanks for the reply,

    Yes the bike was brand new and unregistered when purchased at the end of Oct (days before the 4 yr warranty on all new bike was announced!)

    Dealer is P&H. I'll await the warranty verdict from Ducati before I progress the matter, but I agree and will be pushing for the bike to be rejected.

    I'll introduce myself in the newbies section...although not sure I'll be around for long given whats happened during the first 4wks of Ducati ownership!
  4. To be fair I had similar problems on a brand new Street Twin for my wife. Coil went and crank case scratching. That specific problem (scratching) is well documented with the MTS though. I put an R&G clutch cover protector (that I had carbon dipped) on it. The bike is brilliant if you can get through this without it spoiling the journey though.

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  5. I think you may be having a rather unusual set of events. The two problems are obviously not connected and having run a 1200 mts with no issues for 4 years I certainly don’t think it’s typical. Coils failing are often caused by the ignition being left on for an extended time, but very rare. So now changed I wouldn’t worry. Engine casings, bit odd. Photos?
    Having had 22 years of triumph before changing to Ducati my experience is the opposite to yours.
    Ps last year I bought a £50k Jag brand new and it turned up with a rattle in the roof and a boot full of water...... back window wasn’t sealed.
    Just tell your dealer that they’ve had their one opportunity to fix the fault and you’ll be keeping the whole Ducati community up to date with their response.
  6. The finish and fasteners are as poor as they’ve always been. It wont change, regardless of what Ducati choose to charge. Unlike most makes, to keep immaculate needs a much cleaning as riding.
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  7. If you decide to keep it ask Ducati to honour a 4 year warranty in light of the bad timing of your purchase and the issues you have had :thinkingface:
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  8. That's a good idea... I'm in a similar situation but bought mine in August (and I'd already paid for the extended warranty)

    Luke (service manager) at P&H is pretty good at getting warranty claims over the line.
    I've had three Multi's and whilst bolts and fixings are not great, overall quality has been what I would expect.
    Maybe look at getting some Ventureshield fitted to prevent on the painted areas (not ideal for your problems with the cases) to prevent issues like this in the future if it's your gear?
    There is a company on the same state as P&H called A1 Anodising, if you don't get any luck with the warranty I would think they could help, but I agree it shouldn't wear off.

    PS Check the thread on here about corrosion under the water pump cover (and remove this straight away)...
  9. I can only say as I see and my 2018 1260s has done 16,000 faultless miles from new. As for the quality and finish, I think it is excellent, as good if not better than any bike I have owned. I don't get the comments on the forum about poor quality of finish, I'm just not seeing it. I have a professional application of ACF50 in the autumn as I ride all year but I'm not anal about cleaning and polishing and the bike looks good as new. The only thing mentioned that I have had is the rubbing off of the paint on the casing from my jeans/trousers, but on mine this is only slight and only became apparent after well over 10,000 miles. I say all this as a first time Ducati owner who was not 100 per cent sure about all of the above when I bought the bike, but have been pleasantly surprised on all counts.
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  10. I'm the same, now at almost 10,000 miles and the only quality of finish issue is marking on the clutch cover and the frame on the opposite side from my textiles rubbing. Have used some 3M helicopter tape but I was too late in putting that on if I'm honest. There is also a little rubbing from the hoses on the left side of the front mudguard, again helicopter tape applied but too late.

    My All Year Biker ACF50 guy did the 2nd application last week, a year after the last one, he commented on how mint the bike was. As I'm a repeat customer I got the XCP Rust Blocker treatment for the same price as ACF50. Last year it was ACF50 and that's done me proud. I like my bikes in good condition and look after them as best I can, usually I tend to keep them for at least 5 years.

    Have a four year warranty on my 1260 just in case. She's in for change of oil seal on one of the camshafts on the horizontal cylinder on Thursday, one of the those things, haven't heard of this being a common issue, dealer is sorting it out, albeit slowly. Doesn't diminish my enjoyment or riding just need to keep an eye on the oil level on long continental trips.
  11. I bought a used 2016 1200 DVT in Feb this year and have done 5000 miles on it, just over 11000 on the clock now. I absolutely love it. The small areas of corrosion (if you can call it that) on some bolt heads have all come up well with a bit of fettling and ACF50 has kept them that way. I have noticed a small area of paint rubbing off where my jeans rub. Apart form that I think the build quality is comparable to my RnineT.

    I think you've been unlucky ... as unlucky as my riding mate who's just had his GS1250 Adv replaced by BMW UK for an untraceable fault that meant it wouldn't start after it was warm (new 3 months ago). Embarrassing and frustrating on a ride out. With the complexity of bikes and cars nowadays there are going to be problems.
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  12. Hi,

    I also had this rubbing on my MTS 1260S, from the leather boot...
    Went to the dealer, and got new clutch cover under warranty...
    I am just having it installed as my bike is at the dealers due to other issue, strange oil leak from vertical cylinder exhaust gasket...
    I would agree with you about quality... coming from Japanese bikes, this looks like a bad joke...
  13. I also had the same rubbing on the left of the front mudguard. There was a small clear protective patch from new but it rubbed just past that, but a tiny mark. I agree about taking some oil on a long trip!, they do enjoy a drink! The only other problem I have is that I don't have time to ride it more than I do!
  14. Thanks for the replies,

    Assuming my badly marked clutch cover is replaced under warranty what would be the best way of preventing the same thing happening to the replacement? Complete aftermarket cover or the 3M tape?

    It does seem very strange to me that the finish on an exposed and obviously visible part such as a clutch cover is so poor and soft that it is quickly abraded by the clothing of the rider. In my case my trousers, not even the tougher material of my boots!

    I do absolutely love the bike to ride (hence why I brought it over the various competitors I test rode), just never considered that engine reliability and textile finish erosion would be part of the ownership proposition!
  15. Perhaps pop a picture on here so we understand a little more.:upyeah:
  16. As requested here's a pic!

    You can see the silver finish has completely come off to reveal the black under layer. This is after just over 4 weeks of ownership, during which the bike was off the road at the dealers being fixed for nearly 2 weeks of that time.

    At this rate it will look truly awful after just a few more months of ownership.

    IMHO that should not have happened in such a short time from just contact with textile trousers.

  17. Just in case it’s not already been mentioned but is that not material dye on the paint?

    If my memory serves me, the engine case coating is directly applied over metal.
    No black undercoat, so to speak.
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  18. Good call
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  19. Certainly looks like something transferred onto the coating. There is no primer colour, its a a water based paint application used straight onto the alloy.
    Think I’d try and clean it with a soft brush and some brake cleaner.
  20. Well the dealer had a good go, and I've tried with various solvents and it doesn't budge.

    Dealers opinion was the only solution was a new cover. What kind of dye could permanently stain metal?

    I'll try the brake cleaner idea and see if it budges, as if the material under the paint isn't black then it must be some sort of staining.
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