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Multistrada 1260s Satnav Mount

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by Octoberon, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. I've given up waiting for the chaps at Ducati Glasgow to get a satnav mount. Deciding to forgo the promised discount and head out to the internet for options I've settled on the Evotech, mainly because of where the satnav sits just above the bike's display.


    Anyone got views on the EvoTech from experience, or pointers for fitting over and above the instructions?
  2. That is the mount I have..... there is a fair bit of vibration
  3. Have you tried the iconic sat nav mounts?
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  4. You’re always going to get vibration. It’s not the bracket itself at fault it’s just where it is. I’ve tried the Ducati one and now the one from Jamie Clare at iconic and I think this one is much worse. I might have to give in and mount it to the bars
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  5. I have the Ducati version and it vibrates like all of them as posted above. It's the screen mount that vibrates. This was quite bad with my Zumo 590. The new Zumo XT is lighter and seems, to my perception, to flap around less.
  6. That's not encouraging but thanks for the feedback.
    I looked at them on their site. Haven't seen one mounted.
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  7. That makes sense. I've got the TomTom and knowing my luck it's bound to be heavier.
  8. I used the German one - cant think of the name off hand - with extentions and a metal Touratec security cage for the Garmin

    Was OK - but added a 4th hole in the screen with bung and secured it to that.. that stopped the vibration.
  9. Fitted the EP mount today. Snug fit and firmly fixed but I haven't been out on the road yet to check what the vibration is like. A few initial things i noticed, it's a bit awkward to remove the Tom Tom as it's close to the screen. I'll have to be careful not to scratch it.
    The mount rotates to allow the orientation of the satnav to be change but there's a bit of play in the machanism. I'm hoping that doesn't translate in to vibration, or gets any worse.
    Finally, the lead from the satnav is quite short and pulls the EP clip that's supposed to keep it against the mount.

    I haven't wired up the power to the fly leads on the bike yet. Need to pick up a couple of bits to connect them up neatly.
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