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1260 Multistrada 1260s - Stock Chain Is A Rust Magnet?

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by DucatiPhil, Mar 7, 2020.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I've had my Multi around 6/7 weeks now and done ~500 miles. I clean the bike after every ride (unless i'm going out say the next day - i'll clean it after that) and store it in a dry, clean garage. The chain gets cleaned with mucoff chain cleaner & brush, and then re-lubed with wet or dry lube depending on the time of year. Mucoff wet lube at the moment.

    I follow this procedure with all my bikes and never really have chain issues, however the stock chain on the multi which now only has 1000 gentle running in miles on it, is as if its just made of rust!!

    Anyone else had this problem? Need to decide weather i go to the dealer about this or just replace the damn thing with a DID gold instead...


  2. The 2010 model was the same.... good to see nothing has changed.
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  3. Yep, same on my 2016 dvt. Clean with paraffin and use banana slip chain lube. I’ve kept the rust at bay, but it will rust very easy if not totally coated through the winter months.

    I’ve had the bike from new and just had it in for the desmo service (18500 miles) and had a gold x link and sprockets fitted.
    Now I’m happy
  4. OEM drive chains are built to a price. They are not as good as pretty much any Japanese aftermarket chain.
    Even those aftermarket chains are built and corrosion proofed differently depending on what market they are destined for. Not all chains are equal ;)
    Japanese home market drive chain for example, is not proofed against road salt like ours is, as they dont have it over there like we do.
    They also tend to run lower BHP bikes compared to us.
    We have lots of road salt on the roads in the UK at the moment, even if you can't see it - that WILL and does screw up the cheaper parts on bikes and cars :)
  5. Yes the stock chain is a Regina Chain and is crap, it rusts and wears quite quickly as well.
    I changed mine at 2K miles to an AFAM Gold Chain and so far that has lasted another 20K miles and is due to be replaced soon, The OE cahin needs to be adjusted regularly, the AFAM was adjusted at 1K miles and then didn't need any further adjustment for 10K miles and has been adjusted maybe twice in is current 20K life.

    At 23k Miles my 1260 is due for new sprockets and chain soon. That will be the 3rd front sprocket (I change them out at about 10-12k miles) and 2nd Rear sprocket and 2nd AFAM Chain.
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  6. Yep they are rust magnets! I made mine last until the 9,000 mile service and changed to a DID Gold, no problem since of course! Also changed the rear sprocket to a 42 tooth at the same time, it makes 6th gear a useable gear rather than an overdrive, and makes the bike generally nicer to ride.
  7. If it bugs you and you can afford it, change it, they are shit from the factory.
  8. Or try a Scott oiler, but I expect it will still rust, (I’ll report back)
  9. True
  10. Agreed. Change to a good DID and it will last, I have found.
  11. My stock chain lasted to 18k without any problems. Is does tend to rust on the outside plates. I use paraffin to clean every couple of rides.
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  12. Same. I've only done 2k miles on mine but it has a great deal of surface rust so decided to change for heavy duty DID na taken the opportunity to go up from 40 to 42 teeth on the rear. Been the same on every Ducati I've owned.
  13. I changed mine at the 600 miles first service to up the rear sprocket from 40T to 42T.
    Sold the OEM chain for Can$20 (11GBP).
  14. Stock chain, 9k miles, with Scotoiler, no rust! The chain does need a serious adjusting though!
  15. Did you fit an alloy Renthal rear sproket? Do you need to lenghen the chain?
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  16. Per OoRanoO, I fitted a solid steel sprocket and needed a longer chain.
  17. 11000 miles on my 1200 with the original chain. I wipe it down with ATF every time I ride, and I live near the coast. No issues.
  18. Agree stock chain is terrible. Question .....Does changing the number of teeth on the sprocket affect speedo or anything else other than the gearing?
  19. No, doesn't affect the speedo as that is taken from the ABS part I think but definitely not the sprocket.
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