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For Sale Multistrada 2016, Full Termi, Touring Pack, Top Box

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Northern Soul, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. I've had this bike form new since April 2016, bought from pro-Twins, a dedicated Ducati dealership in Surrey. It's been back to them each time for its servicing and has its full service history. It was most recently serviced in April when it also passed the first MOT so doesn't need either of these doing until April 2020. Mileage is 27,700

    I had the full Termignoni exhaust system fitted at the first 600 mile service with the ECU remap carried out by pro-Twins. It adds some bhp and sounds fantastic! The exhaust system cost £1500. I still have the original exhaust in a box and you will be able to take that as well, which is more or less brand-new having only covered the first 600 miles.

    The bike comes with the large Ducati top box (I think the capacity is 48 ltrs) which has exactly the same key barrel as both panniers so you only need to use the one key. The box cost £500 new and was added about a year and a half ago. The bike also has heated grips, a centre stand, and panniers. There are some slight scratches on the panniers, as you would expect from the mileage covered.

    Additional items include the Puig touring screen, and an Oberon clutch slave cylinder. It has a handlebar mount fitted for a Garmin zumo 590 cradle, and I've left this in place for future use, but can easily be removed if necessary.

    The tyres are Michelin Road Pilot 5 and have done 2000 miles since fitted. Rear mudguard is off on photos but I have that in the garage.

    You will see in the photographs that there are some scratches to the left hand side hand guard (scuffed on the garage wall late one night after a long days ride!). These are minor scratches but I have a brand-new hand guard and indicator light fully boxed which you can take away with the bike and replace as and when you want.

    I've toured in Europe a couple of times and lots of places in the UK, and it's never missed a beat. It's an absolutely fantastic bike but I've decided it's time to move on and have just purchased a new bike, hence the sale.

    If you have any questions or need more photographs then let me know, very happy to oblige.

    Price £8,750 - open to offers
    20190605_154250 - Copy.jpg 20190605_154350 - Copy.jpg 20190605_154411.jpg 20190605_154741.jpg 20190605_154746.jpg 20190605_154756 - Copy.jpg 20190605_154805.jpg 20190606_094452 - Copy.jpg 20190606_094452.jpg 20190606_094501.jpg 20190606_094517.jpg