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Multistrada Gallery

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Rob, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Post your pictures and videos here :cool::cool:
  2. Not too sure which is more beautiful? Aaaah yes the Hunter I'm afraid :)
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  3. Hi Andy! Nice pic. The more I see of the shorty screen the more I want one! Where did you source yours from?
  4. bloody hell, was going to put a picture up but after seeing yours Bob, im going to have to get it valeted! lol
  5. Ha ha - yes it did get a damn good cleaning at the end of last year - hopefully it won't be long before it's filthy again!
  6. ok...heres one from last summer....
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  7. Hi Bob, whats the virdict on the QD now you have had a good few months living with it? I had the MIVV on my old multi 1200 and got rid of it. I don't think it ran that well with it on to be honest and the build quality wasn't the best. Have you had the tuning guy in Bristol have a fiddle with yours?
  8. Best decision I made - looks brilliant, sounds fantastic and having added the 'fatducs' it runs really well, not perfect but very close. I heard of a few problems with MIVV components so I'm glad I chose the QD, build quality seems very good (one of the bolts on the heel protector has rusted and that has seeped into the weave which I'm a bit pissed off about - QD wont replace it FOC and they want £99 to replace it - cheeky [email protected]'s!). Would love to get a custom map sorted at [email protected] to get it absolutely spot on but will have to save up for that! I am really happy with what I've got at the moment anyway.
  9. The Mutley is way better looking than that old bird! lol

    Hi Bob....you made it here then :D

    I abandoned a CalSci shorty as I didn't like the 'fit' - as per most of the after market screens there's no 'dimples'/recesses for the fixing screws so the screen sits more proud of the bike than the Ducati screens (PUIG is the only manufacturer that does the same as Ducati as far as I've seen to date....but no shorty :-( ) and the fittings sit rather proud of the screen.

    Mine's a DIY job!!........cut down OE screen painted on the inside.

    (cut and paste from my ducati.ms post 04/2011.....MKI version, MKII as above is shorter still)
    ....painted but not by me....me and rattle cans just don't get on! Had a local auto paint shop do it, one for a better finish and two for the right paints.
    They 'keyed' the inside of the screen (rubbed over with a fine wire wool) which of course makes it go opaque but that's sorted by the application of a clear plastic primer paint (specific primer for plastics) before a coat of black paint....I chose to have a satin (semi gloss) finish.

    I cut the screen down with a 'jigsaw', sandpapered (various grades) the edge and then polished it for a smooth finish before the paint.
    I'll do a detailed 'how to' sometime!



    Anyone wanting to do the mod and paint the screen themselves try paint such as Hycote Double Acrylic Car Spray Paints.
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  10. Max 4 images per post (will be a pain).....and that includes smillies!!
    Any way last pic...


    And the MKI and MKII compared....


    Closer look at MKII fitted...

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  11. Fixed, now 15

  12. Quick off the mark Rob :)........thanks :D
  13. Might as well get a clip up from Saturday's dyno session at CJS.

  14. Far too many shiny bikes here:mad:

    Here's an old clunker to even the balance...

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  15. Bob, I wouldn't know how to get my bike that clean, respect
  16. Jafo, hope you had your boots on !

    Cool pic - the white ones are faster !
  17. hi crampater, i sure did!
    my mate on the blade didnt do so well, he needed a snorkel! lol
  18. Evening all....

    Really pleased that a new forum has been created for the UK. Here is a couple of mine in deepest Wales last Summer. Looking forward to a few trips this year, including the EMM gathering in Livigno.




    Look forward to meeting some of you this year.

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  19. This site is looking like a good UK Multi resource and recognise plenty of names. Here is my old and new Multi back in June 2010 and then how it is now:[​IMG][/IMG]
    Roll on the Summer! :cool:
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  20. Nice photos Kirky and pilotpaul :D

    This might interest you Bob - carbon Pikes Peak look-a-like shorty screen on eBay (apparently also available with different colour highlight stripe e.g. red or no strip;-)
    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace


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