1260 Multistrada S Head Lights

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  1. i came back late yesterday from an extended run out to Dorset (having too much fun!) and drove the last 70+ miles home in the dark. Most of my riding is done between sun up and dusk so it was nothing short of a revelation to see how good the headlights were. On dipped are good - easily showing both curbs/white line edges on B roads but on main beam they are something else again. Really confidence inspiring! But boy oh boy the standard of road markings was a surprise ranging from excellent to no paint and missing cats eyes. Quite a challenge in places but made it home safely.
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  2. Did you find it was a bit too high tho on low beam and people would flash you?
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  3. Not once was I flashed and in towns when I came up behind cars there was no issue either. There is a very pronounced cut off line. Not sure now it would have been with full luggage but rider only it was fine. I was pleasantly surprised!
  4. Have had to adjust mine down. The cutoff line on mine isn't particularly focused but the spread is an improvement on my previous bike (MV Turismo) which isn't hard. High beam is OK but a little lacking in range. However, bike before last was a VFR VTEC with four halogen H7s which were pretty amazing at night. Whilst LED lighting is a good colour temperature, on this and the MV, I find the light quality a bit 'milky' for want of a better word. I have a VW Tiguan with active matrix LED headlights and they're pretty damn good. Focused and decent range.
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  5. There are a few bikes now days that have fantastic lights due to the introduction to LEDs, BMW, KTM, like my 1200 DVT amazing headlights.
  6. I have led retro fitted bulbs in my Ford ranger and the cutoff line is very pronounced, nicely adjustable and the light is awesome. My multi is very similar but I cannot get enough downward adjustment. Even riding solo with the rear preload on full 2 passengers and luggage I get flashed a lot, sometimes even in the day. Subsequently the high beam is also too high. I am not the only one struggling to adjust far enough down. Which was why I asked. I am going to have to remount my light unit to get it low enough, not too difficult but I have other issues for the mo!
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  7. Mine are still too high, but I am out of adjustment. I'd also like to have the fix that I had with the 1200 where when the high beams are on, the low beams stay on too.
  8. Agree with firecat. Awesome headlights.
  9. My 15 led unit wouldn't adjust low enough and as a result the high beam is too far down the road and pretty much useless. Low beam seems to cover almost all requirements. High just leaves me in a dull yellowish darkness.
    My old VFR with 50 w halogen superwhites put this LED to shame. LED is not always the answer.
  10. Had to lower them on my previous multi as I was flashed even in daylight but not on this one, may have to with full panniers but we shall see.
  11. I am assuming you are a f-t b--tard so the dip would be aimed too high. Me I am a trim 13stone t-sser & the lights are just great. Anyone who thinks the led lights on a multi are no good probably don't actually own one & are wanabees. stat. I had a vfr. Actually had 2 a 750 to which I put hid lights in & a 800 vetch. Neither were anywere near a 1200s . So stop posting crap on this great website & go back to your 125 pass my test soon site.
  12. P.S Led is the new light. Halogen is pre war.
  13. LOL, I had three VFRs over an 18 year span, a 750FR and two VTECs and now have a real 1260 MTS. Wasn't saying the Multi headlights were crap, just not as good as the VTEC, especially the range/reach on high beam. BTW VTECH is a toy company so maybe you had one of these :rolleyes::D
  14. Oh dear I said something negative about the LED headlights. The forums fanboy seems to be upset.
    You really need to stop talking
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  15. I get it all the time especially loaded up with a pillion
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  16. Mines the same - very so slightly too high, need to lower it before I go to the TT two up with luggage for sure.
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  17. Me too. Adjusted as far as will go (without modding), and ok one up but soon as all luggage is added , still a little high. Hey ho. They all do that
  18. I wish I did.
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  19. Huh? The flashing wasn't to tell me how awesome the multi looks from head on?
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  20. If they are flashing you it means they are seeing you, not such a bad thing!
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