1200 DVT Multistrada S On Track Video

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Groutmaster, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Here's a link to a bit of fun I had today at snetterton! Hard to make passes stick without being caught on the straights but got there in the end. Running the standard Pirelli scorpion trials too lol

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  2. Boy, someone didn't want to keep oil in their motor!!

    They do weave a bit on heavy brakes and gas don't they ;)
  3. Something tells me you have a bit of track experience there mate ;) Nice lines
  4. Tell me about it! That's all from yesterday's car event apart from the last corner where someone binned it on the sighting laps as they felt there wasn't enough dust down already

    Yeah she got well out of shape onto the back straight a few times but kept others amused!
  5. Yours sounds great on downshifts, almost like an auto-blipped :upyeah:

    Real congested at times tho...inters or noddy group? That hyper (I think it was) was going well too
  6. Open pit lane, was meant to be intermediates and advanced only but I think there were a few that slipped through as they were like mobile chicanes.
    Yeah the hyper was having fun but only saw him that once.
    should have a few pics soon hopefully of some peg scraping
  7. Assume you have ground down your pegs and the centre stand (if fitted) ;)
  8. The left peg is now a touch lighter but think I hang off more on the rights so that side is ok
  9. Hang off! Its got a big seat to sit on! Lol nice video
  10. I find when I hang off too much it really unsettles the bike, which may expand some of the weaving too, seems very sensitive to bodyweight movement. Especially in change of direction stuff (chicane, esses)
  11. Nice video. I'll be watching it in it's entirety later.
  12. Dude! I hope you had your top box and panniers on! looked like a fun day, wish I lived near a track and could fit in some one piece leathers, I'd love to show some of those sports bike riders that just be cause they look the part don't mean they are.
    Good vid totally glued to it, thanks
  13. Here's another one chasing 2 mates on zx10's

  14. Guessing you're in sport mode... what about suspension setting? Mine is non electronic suspension so will need a few tweaks I think?
  15. Good video, just what a trackday is all about IMO; Get on and have fun but show respect for other riders who are a little slower than you in the bends by hanging back just a touch rather than blasting through and scaring them (and maybe yourself!).
    Nice! :thumbsup:
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  16. It was mainly to prove a point as a few mates took the piss when I chopped in my panigale
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  17. Anyone can go fast down the straights, it takes real skill to keep the speed in the corners though. You totally wupped them in Coram, I had to replay to soak it up.
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  18. Two red flagged sessions on a dry sunny day....
  19. Around 10-15 red flags throughout the day but to be honest as it was an open pit you only had to wait for them to recover the bike (and lay more cement dust down!) then straight back out while everyone else is still pissing about with tyre warmers
  20. Coram was really sketchy on the multi if I went round it any faster the whole bike started snaking lol