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1260 Multistrada Servicing Costs

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Longdog, Oct 11, 2021.

  1. Well I am still considering buying myself a Multistrada 950S, I was wondering what the typical servicing costs are for the 9000 miles service and the Desmo service at 18,000 miles. The main reason for asking, apart from me wanting one, is that I have just watched a YouTube video of a guy reporting on 24,000 miles on his 1260S and he reckoned he had £50.00 change from £3000.00 for the Desmo service at 18,000 miles. OK, this included a new radiator at a cost of £750.00 but FFS, that is still £2,200.00 for a service! So come on guys, dish the dirt on your servicing costs for your 1260 and 950 bikes with your friendly dealers.
  2. Depends on your mileage and the age of the bike at the time of servicing. IME, if the valve check service coincides with everything else like brake fluid and coolant change, it’s going to cost in the region of £1500, depending on your servicing agent’s unit labour charge. Standard oil and filter change is in the order of £250 and add probably another £100 if you have a brake fluid and coolant change. If 18,000 miles is going to take 5 years, saving £30/month will sort your big bill. Andy
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  3. Snells quoted me £1200 for my DVT 36k Desmo service.
    Went to CMW in Chichester and paid about £850. I don't think I'd get it cheaper in my locality.
    £3000k is a joke.
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  4. Were CMW an authorised Ducati service centre at the time you had your bike serviced there ? Andy
  5. The 36k service on my 1260S was carried out earlier this year by Cornerspeed, at a cost £815, including brake and clutch fluid change, admittedly I had removed most of the bodywork and I'd already carried out the rear hub service myself.
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  6. Have the regular annual oil service on Wednesday on my 1260, expecting to pay around £250, had clutch and brake fluid changed last year. Next spring I'll probably get to 18k and need the Desmo service doing. Going to speak to Ducati Worcester whilst I'm there this week to see if they'll collect the bike with bodywork stripped off for that one as I damned if I'm paying their hourly rate for them to do that.
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  7. I had my 18k service done in Feb by GT Motorcycles in Plymouth, largely because they're local to me and were able to collect and return it to me without charge. They had to change 5 shims (£20 each), and they also fitted a de-cat for me at the same time. I did the clutch and brake fluid change myself, as it's so straightforward. I seem to recall I paid about £1200. The same place has done the basic oil service for me too, and that's tended to be in the region of around £200 or so.

    They definitely aren't cheap to service, that's for sure. That and chain drive would definitely tempt me back to a shaft drive BMW that I can do all the servicing on myself in an afternoon. I do love my Multi though, it's such a good bike, and I feel lucky to own such a brilliant machine!
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  8. Used to do the valve service on my VFR VTECs, did it three times. A royal PITA, time consuming job but dealers charged not far off the cost of a desmo service for the work. I recently watched a YouTube video re. DIY for the desmo service on a DVT and it's not quite as intimidating as I thought. If I had the time I'd have a crack at it myself. May well be retired by the time mine gets to 36k... The fly in the ointment being the resetting of the service indicator, hopefully by then there'll be a way around that.
  9. I watched that video, think the guy is on this forum?
    Anyway I recall he had the full demo service, radiator, tyres and sprocket chain (I may be wrong.....)
  10. I recently had a main dealer oil service, tbh, felt totally ripped off…..
  11. I know Ducati Aylesbury are £93/hr + vat labour rate.
    My bike will be almost 3 years old next oil change, and it will only have about 4 to 5K on the clock by then.

    Might just do it myself as usual, keep the receipts for the parts in the history folder for proof. I don't think it will effect its value long term. Just use the main dealers for jobs I cant do ! :upyeah:
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  12. Aylesbury have serviced all my bikes, never felt ripped off.
    Always kept me up to date.
    If you can do it yourself why not, I choose not to.
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  13. As a refence point - 1260S 18K service + new sprockets and chain £1198.00
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  14. Happy to pay Ian & the jeremy + doug & the other lads at OYB. Sure it is a lot of mullah but if things go wrong I know they've got my back as a customer. And they are guinely good hearted people. I change my brake pads & chain & sprockets plus the odd-tyre & they do the important engine maintence.

    Coventry ducati which is far closer lost me when they belittled my financial status, not knowing I've never needed credit to buy the things I enjoy.
  15. Desmo for 1260 it's about 821£ in local currency :) official service by ducati.ua
    Welcome to Ukraine ;)
  16. Threads like this are great.
    They reign me in when I think of buying something almost new with a Warranty that requires dealer servicing rather than doing it myself.
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  17. As a reference counter point, my manager has a 2014 Tiger 1200. I think he mentioned Jack Lilly's Triumph (as it was then in Ashford) wanted over £1K for their "big" service.
    I guess that sort of figure is going to be common for a lot off hi-end bikes ?
  18. No, they lost the franchise a few years ago. Ducati wanted them to spend multiple thousands to change everything to the corporate look, and dump their other franchises.
    I'd bought a 1200S Twin Spark off them new in 2013 so I knew the staff quite well. Though CMW has since changed hands, they still have head mechanic John working in the workshop, and he was fully Ducati trained up to the time time they dropped the franchise. I was happy to let him do the Desmo service.
  19. That explains why you were charged £850. Andy
  20. I know :blush::upyeah::blush:
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