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1260 Multistrada Tyre Experiment

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by DarR, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. I just now have to replace the OEM Scorpions Trails 2 with something else because I caught a screw at 7200kms. Not a big deal since these are nearing the end of their utility. I've had SC, RC, R3 and now Scorpions Trails 2.
    I'm now experimenting with Angels GT rear for durability and Rosso 3 front for stickiness.
    The Idea is to have both wear-out simultaneously.
    Tell me if you feel that combo is wrong or right. Have fun commenting. Looking forward to your opinions.
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  2. With the current set of Michelin Road5s I've worn out the front before the back, go figure... New front I fitted on Wednesday, the new rear will be going on tomorrow.

    Since the advent of dual compound tyres across three different bikes that I've owned long enough to get through a few sets of tyres it's normal for me to replace both at once. Maybe my riding style?
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  3. You've worn out the front and rear simultaneously?
    That's amazing. In fact, that's the goal.
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  4. Yes, has been like that for some time across a brace of VFR VTECs, an MV Turismo and now the 1260 Mutley. I do ride recreationally with the bare minimum of motorway/autoroute miles if I can help it. Living in a rural location near Wales there's no shortage of corners. Tyres wear out on the softer edges rather than the middle. The fronts are usually worse in this respect and tend to be down to the wear bars around half way from the centre to the edge of the tyre with more depth in the centre.
  5. I am quite use to having different tyres on my mutley, currently going to try a Z8 rear with my metz sport attack front.
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  6. Have used several tires so far but never to wear at same time. My best set was Roadtec 01 and now on angel gt. I think your concept of stickier on front versus rear is ok for general street riding. Although some (maybe all) tires are meant to work as a set. For instance a back tire with no center grooves is meant to have a front tire that clears water for the back tire. But I have run different tire brands with no problems.
  7. I always push the front quite a lot when cornering so tend to wear my front to 75% when the rear is gone. Works for me and I don't mind losing 25% of the front every tyre change.
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  8. Nearly always change the set at the same time , front might have a bit more wear left in it , but it’s not that much .
    And a new front tyre feels great .
    Running S22’s on mine , they provide great feedback .
    The feel from the front is excellent
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  9. Same here as above , road 5's front & rear both knackered & bike squirming all over the place. New road 5's fitted & back great again. Fitted rear 1st. Bike was still horrible, the front had gone pretty square. All good now.
  10. I like Metzeler’s. They are my brand of choice.
    I’m interested in why you say the 01’s were best and why you’re on Angel Gt’s? Is it because you like to experiment and search for the possibility of something better?
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  11. My tyres of choice are Michelin R5s good all round grip done 2500 miles on them and look good for another couple of thousand
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  12. If you plan to do any wet weather riding, I wouldn’t mess brands and would be very doubtful of messing type.

    Fronts and rears are designed in mind of each other, for water clearance, profile, grip levels
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  13. How does the front tyre know what tyre is on the back then?
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  14. Profiles when you're leant over, I made that mistake years ago on an FJ1200, gently slid off on slow bends three times, I'm convinced it's because I'd fitted a rear that pushed the front too hard in certain situations.
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  15. They talk rubber language ;)

    In design, AFAIK, they are down so that the treads perform to remove water in unison. If compounds are different (I have 1st hand track experience of this one) and one end has far more wet or dry grip than the other, they can be overloaded

    If you’re doing a daily commute and mostly 70 mph on dry mway S not a problem., If you’re cutting back at 90 plus in pouring rain, or pushing the edge grip of tyres an a sprinters ride on a cold day, it may be.

    Edited to agree with previous comment: profile can make a big difference IME
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  16. R
    Have the angel gt because I had some on a BMW that lasted a long time and gave me great grip. With four bikes between me and Mrs. I need longer wear. I did think the 01's had good wear though.
  17. Just looked at the Road5s that I took off my 1260. Rear has 2mm left, new measured in the same place is 6mm. The front is to the wear marker on the right, left not quite as bad. Leaving for Portugal a week today so a no brainer to change them anyway. Have IAM test on Thursday and my observer noticed my front tyre and said change it before your test.
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  18. Your observer noticed your front tyre?? Whatever happened to POWDERY ;)?? Good luck with the test, you'll piss it :upyeah:. Have a great time in Portugal, if you get as far as Portimao pop in to the track and say Hi, will be there 18th -20th :motorcycleduc:.

    Ref' Tyres, I've never managed to get more than 3k from Michelin PR4's / Road 5's rears, despite Michelin's claims of increased durability from each new incarnation. So earlier this year I took up Pirelli's offer of, "buy a rear tyre and get the front free" and I have say I'm very impressed, great levels of grip in both wet and dry conditions, i've now covered 3600 miles on them and still have plenty of tread left on both tyres and no issues with the strange wear pattern of the front tyre that I've always experienced with the Michelins.
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  19. I was aware that they were close, is that enough :blush:
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