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Multistrada Tyres

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Clarkey63, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. I have a set of Pirelli super corsa tyres which were going to be put on my panigale which has now been sold so the question is can I put them on my multistrada front is the same size as what is on the bike at present
    The rear is 200 and at present the tyre on there is a 195
    The tyres didn’t cost me any money as there were thrown in as part of the deal for the panigale just didn’t get round to fitting them
  2. I put a 190 profile on the back of my Multistrada by mistake and the difference in rolling radius messed with the speedo reading by over reading. Going up to a 200 profile will go the opposite direction so you’ll be going faster than the speedo is reading. It might also mess with your traction. Andy
  3. Nah it will be fine, as long as you don't have a carbon hugger that is very close to the wheel. Is it a 60 profile? if so then it might be even closer. speedo is read from the gearbox not the rear wheel.
  4. Standard is 190 not the 195 as you state.
  5. If the circumpherance s bigger then you will be going faster than the old tyre with same revs (possibly more than the speedo is reading) .

    Same revs equal greater distance, equals more speed.

  6. Yep sorry Pete my mistake standard is 190
  7. The only difference on the new tyre is that it’s 200 wide rather than a 190
    The front tyre is like for like
  8. If there free and you have them then bung them on and have some fun, hell they will only last a week or two!!
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  9. a 200/55 tyre with have a larger rolling circumference than a 190/55 tyre, as second number is the aspect ratio (width to height ratio) not the height of the tyre, therefore the speed reading will be different (it will read slower, as the bike has covered more distance in the same time for one revolution). It will also have an effect on the traction control and maybe the ABS as well, but you could disable these features if you wanted. I understand changing from a 190/55 to 190/50 (a more common size) is not recommended on a Multi 1200 because of potential traction control problems.

    There isn't a lot of clearance between the chain and the rear tyre. There have been reports of Michelin Road 5s (190/55) fouling the chain, maybe more of an issue on 1260s because of the longer swingarm/chain. I'm not sure there is enough clearance between the rear tyre and the crud catcher (easily removed) however there may clearance problems in other areas.

    You could have the tyres fitted and see if there is enough clearance and give them a go if it looks OK - after all what have you got to lose if the rear tyre goes bang, or the traction control or ABS doesn't work correctly :)
    Or you could sell (or even give the tyres away).

    Just my thoughts, please feel free to ignore.
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  10. After speaking to a couple of guys at Guildford tyres for the sort of riding I do Michelin road 5 (what tyre pressures would you recommend)would suit me better they were quite happy to swap the tyres for the correct size so they weren’t hunting for a sale so I had the tyres changed yesterday I now have the supercorsas up for sale
    Thanks again for you comments
  11. Speed sensor is read from the rear wheel as show on page 544 of the service manual. Screenshot attached.
    Screenshot from 2019-07-07 22:30:09.png
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  12. Well now done nearly 1,000 miles on my new PR5 and there are preforming extremely well
    Wet grip is very confidence expiring and the dry grip is up there with the best of them
    I recommend these tires
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  13. That's for the ABS, doesn't mean it feeds the speedometer ... though it might I suppose.

  14. My mate is running PR5's on his 1260 and the chain hits the edge of the tyre
  15. My 1260 does that to my Road 5s too. Right on the very edge.
  16. Any photos?
  17. No but out on the bike tomorrow so will try to remember to oblige.
  18. About 3,000 miles into my Road 5’s.


    I like them. Have built up decent trust in them and they seem to wear OK. Good in all conditions so far; hot, cold, wet and dry.
  19. You can see the regular saw-tooth type cuts in the widest part of the tyre.

  20. Hellfire. That’s not right at all is it.

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