For Sale My 1098s With Numerous R Parts

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Andy Jenkinson, Jan 29, 2018.

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  1. Only for sale due to new Ducati V4S order.

    This 2007 1098S is a great bike. It came from the Sales Manager at Snell (Bryan) last July who had owned it and cherished virtually from new. It is currently fitted with full Xerox period livery and comes with a full set of OEM 1098S fairings/cowl and 1 piece Carbon undertray (very rare) It has carbon rear mudguard, front mudguard, exhaust covers, heal guards, clutch cover, dash set and so on.
    It also has the R hand made alloy tank (£2500) and the R Carbon Fibre mono seat. We have fitted the TOCE 4 piece rear slash cans which sound and look lovely, we have the OEM cans in their original box too! It has numerous other parts/spares. Now with 8300 miles on her and brand new gold centred Brembo front discs (£500 fitted) she is a really first class Ducati wanting for nothing.
    Price £10k
    Contact me for any other information.






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  2. gorgeous
  3. Thanks Chris, yes quite special for sure.

  4. Lovely spec - might be better putting it back to standard and selling the bit separately? If you can be arsed :)
  5. Ooh.I like that very much.Lovely bike.
  6. have you room M? - I was thinking about it :);)
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  7. Now the MH has gone Chris I have plenty of room.I do not need or have the use of another bike really.Must resist-the force is strong with this one.Think you are a bad influence Chris,you know my resolve is week.Ha Ha.
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  8. I bought some of the standard bits for this bike off Andy in the summer. Lovely condition bike and lovely chap to deal with - recommended! Good luck with sale and look forward to seeing the V4S.
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  9. Thanks Guys

    Yes she is really lovely, I paid £12k and spent another £2k on her with fairings, new Brembos and integrated tail light which is a stunning LED unit.
  10. That's beautiful
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  11. Thanks Irish, currently on ebay too
  12. Ordered my new Ducati V4S today. Once here we will be stripping her down for our manufacturing arm to produce all panels and plastics in stunning Carbon Fire as we have on our Kawasaki H2.
    Sadly not here until April/May so n rush on the 1098S although I've had 2 bids so far and collected her today from Snell after a small service it and new gold chain fitted. The 65 mile ride back was great and not too cold!
  13. If i was going to buy this id buy it off ebay for 7.5k #confused!!??!

    Sorry sorry sorry sorry
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  14. Mattslade it is on ebay with a starting price of £7500, its not for sale at £7500 in fact I turned down 2 offers today for quite a bit more!

    As stated above, after paying the full asking price for this beauty at £12k I have spent another £3k on her. (Exhaust, Brembos discs, integrated rear light, new seat (R spare comes with the bike), service and chain (472.92 today)
    The buy now price on ebay is £10,999 which the bike is worth all day, I have put it here on the Forum at £10k which in my opinion it is a great deal.

  15. With less than 24hrs to go she has 3 bids, nearly 2k views and 70 watchers! She is going to go tomorrow!
  16. Hurrah for you and your sale! :motorcycleduc::upyeah:
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  17. All going into the new V4S purchase >~:)
  18. Lovely looking bike. Bryan at Snell will have looked after it immaculately as well so its going to be a good buy.
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  19. Bryan cherished this until I bought it last July and have since added 1000 miles.
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