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For Sale My 2000 748r - £7000 Ono

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by TelRobinson, May 9, 2019.

  1. Unfortunately, after a lot of time and money invested into the bike, I’ve decided to sell the bike in favour of something newer and capable of comfortable long journeys, as well as the short ones. Practicality seems to be further up the list at the moment and I haven’t got the spare funds to be able to keep this as well as a new one.

    So, about the bike!

    The bike was registered new with Baines Racing in Silverstone in 2000 and owned by its first owner for a year until April 2001.

    Then for the next 17 years, it was owned by a lady who got some extensive use out of it including various trips to Sicily.

    From 2012 - 2018 the bike sat garaged with no use and due to the owner emigrating to Australia, the bike was recommissioned with new belts, tyres, fluids and filters, then bought my myself.

    I’m sure I’ve missed a few bits, but I’ll update if I remember anything;

    Ducati 748R
    3 Owners (incl me)
    Private plate M23 DUC
    Stamped Ducati service booklet up to 18759
    All Ducati handbooks present
    MOT until July 2019
    V5C present
    Data Tagged
    Current mileage 43,265 (43,000 when I bought it in July 18).

    Original under Seat tool kit
    Original Ducati rear paddock stand
    Renthal medium compound grips
    Carbon Fibre rear hugger & chain guard
    Ohlins rear shock absorber
    New standard battery 2018
    New upper air box seal November 2018
    All fluids and filters changed July 2018
    New QR fuel line fittings November 2018
    2 x New Ducati keys (2 x cut ones included)
    MOT until July 2019
    New Conti Attack 3 tyres - July 2018
    Exact Start leads - March 2019
    New relay holders - Dec 2018
    All new well nuts throughout
    Ti fork pinch bolts - May 2019
    Ti swing arm pinch bolts - May 2019
    New chain sliders - April 2019
    Nightbreaker low & high beam bulbs
    Harris fuel filler cap/surround
    1098 side stand
    Air filters - July 2018
    Front sprocket - April 2018

    Spare parts that will come with the bike;

    Original side stand
    Standard Ducati rear paddock stand

    In February 2019 one of the tensioner pulley studs snapped on the horizontal cylinder, causing the belt to come off and valves to clash. When the engine was sent to BBS Motorcycles, the engine was given an in-depth inspection to check for wear/issues while it was apart. Then it was found that the crank bearings were heavily worn and needed replacing.

    Work carried out by Mike @ BBS Motorcycles in Bean. All genuine Ducati parts supplied by Motorapido.

    New Clutch plates
    4 x new valves (horizontal head)
    Rods xrayed and shot peened
    All new piston rings
    New belts
    New tensioner pulleys and bearings
    New Crank bearings
    New champion plugs
    All new gaskets
    New Oil pressure switch
    Valve clearances set
    Oil filter
    10w/40 Fully synthetic oil (for running in)

    These works totalled £2700 only last month.

    There is a minor scuff on the n/s of the top fairing and a couple of minor dinks in the tank (1 has broken the paint). I can have this rectified for the sale if needed.

    The bike has been fantastic and I have spent a lot of time and money getting small original parts to make it better. Then unexpectedly had to have the engine fully stripped, extensively inspected and rebuilt which has brought this back to its standard trim.

    I have done 124 miles since the rebuild and have been advised by Mike to run it in between 3-7k for 600 miles, so the engine is not yet run in completely.

    This would make an amazing track or road bike with the current set up and work completed!

    With consideration of work done, other bikes on the market and the mileage, I’ve priced the bike at £7000.

    Location: Bexley, Kent









    View attachment 154886


    View attachment 154888

    View attachment 154889
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  2. Good luck, hope it finds a good home.
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  3. GLWS Tel :upyeah:
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  4. That would make a great track bike
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  5. Shame you are selling Tel, after all the hard work.
    Someone will be getting a fully sorted bike.
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  6. Nice bike, GLWTS
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  7. Would love to take it off your hands, someone is going to be very lucky - good luck with sale
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  8. Thanks guys. It’s certainly had a lot of work and attention in the last 10 months.

    I’ve still got to add the invoice for the engine works, but will do this as soon as it’s with me.

    I also found another small clear screen last night which came with the track fairings, so that will add to the parts pile
  9. GLWS, lovely bike.... just counting how many Wotzits I have and will come back to you.
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  10. Nice, GLWS :upyeah:
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  11. You've obviously invested a lot of time and love into the bike, glws
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  12. Great bike, but solid reasoning.

    BTW ... THAT is the way to advertise a bike - brilliant job for the benefit of interested buyers :upyeah::upyeah::upyeah::)
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  13. Ad amended to reduce price. I’ve now removed all carbon fibre, carbon termis, track fairings, tail tidy and other extras to make the sale price more attractive.

    And some pics I took yesterday afternoon :)




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  14. C8197995-D59D-4800-856B-016DBC9EC503.JPG
    saw this 748R at goodwood last week, very nice. Ohlins on the front too.
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  15. Gorgeous bikes! So much fun and the handling is superb too!

    Mine has Öhlins on the back, but still has the TiN Showas on the front
  16. Yes it was the first 748R bike I have ever seen. very rare
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  17. A03539EA-F23B-4B83-A4A3-432509A90782.jpeg F7375358-BEBF-4BE0-85B8-4B8158A5174A.jpeg A79883BB-7477-4F0D-9DE4-F174FABDB011.jpeg 4343C9C8-22B6-4E8E-95C6-4271848AB36E.jpeg A84CE546-BF2B-48AE-A150-73BFCD71B815.jpeg 5A5716BC-9B59-4A4B-A42A-4095483AA6BE.jpeg

    Now back in standard form and ready to go.

    As much as I’m in no rush to sell, I don’t want to spend the whole of the summer without a decent ride
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  18. Mate what cans are on it now?? They don't look like standards.
  19. They’re Termi’s, bigger cans than the carbon slip ons I’ve got but thought these were standard? It’s got a load of stamps on the cans, so I’ll have a look later on
  20. The left hand can is labelled ZDM-B20 which after a bit of reading up, look like they’re from a 996? Any idea what are the standard cans for the 748R mate, as I was under the impression these were standard items?