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Featured My 76 Trident

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by roadrebel, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. IMG_5483.jpg
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  2. That reminds me, I must put mine back together.
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  3. Nice armoured vehicle - did you notice somebody photo-bombed your shot with a cool motorbike? :D
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  4. Where did you have that one hidden!?
  5. Some people have no respect :motorcycleduc::D
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  6. Looks good so far.
  7. It was in the garage, where bikes should be kept. :D

    That photo is nearly 4 years old and apart from the l/Hand engine cover going on it still looks the same.:confused:
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  8. Must of been hidden behind something else lovely :cool:

    and, NOT a Honda. ;)
  9. Afraid it was behind the Goldwing and between the 748 and the GS1000.
  10. Arrrrgh.
    I will not sleep tonight now. :mad:
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  11. :D
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