My Dad

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  1. I hope the link works, its a video of my father flying a glider in the Pyrenees at jaca spain. My father is my friend and business partner, he has his ppl as well as being a glider pilot, he was also the cfi in n ireland. I buried dad today, it has been the hardest couple of days in my life. Enjoy the video.
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  2. Sorry for your loss... the hardest of times for sure
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  3. Sorry for your loss dude... Kia kaha ...
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  4. Condolences to you.A sad time.
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  5. Yes sorry for your loss, must be bad. I was not that close to my dad but gutted when gone.
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  6. Amazing views fly free idrinkbeers dad

    Big virtual hug
  7. Sorry for your loss. Keep strong.
  8. Sorry for your loss buddy, Hate to imagine what your going through
  9. It's weird, your dad will always be your dad no matter how old he gets or how old you are.

    When they are ill, you feel protective and when they are gone you can feel a loss that only a son can for their dad. What they can do is leave memories and your dad looks like he has left you many happy memories. Those memories will never replace him, but they will give you reminders of why you loved him so much.

    I'm sorry he's gone chap and the sad time you and your family are having but I suspect, your focus will be what he meant to you all and why he was so special. Best wishes buddy
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  10. Sorry for your loss. Dad's are magic. X
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  11. My dad was a speedway rider during WW11 & won many cups in Italy mainly. When I got a bike he went banana's with me. Still loved him though.
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  12. Really sorry for your loss ... it's great to see he is well remembered and thanks for sharing. Remembering our loved ones and sharing our stories keeps them alive.
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  13. Im so sorry for your loss IDB, I lost my dad back in 1989 and I still miss him terribly to this day. Please accept my deepest sympathies.
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  14. What a wonderful yet bittersweet video. To have those memories of a good friend who also happens to be your dad is something to be treasured forever. Caring thoughts are with you during this sad time.
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  15. Condolences, at least he 'lived' his life by the looks, think of the good times.
  16. Very sorry for your loss. My old man may not see the summer this year and it's really bringing me down. Heading back next week to sort home health and making sure he is well sorted for the time he has left. It looks like your DA had a proper go at life so fair play to him. All the best.
  17. Great video. I'm sure that will be one of many great memories for you.

  18. Sorry for your loss and thinking of you at this difficult time!
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  19. Sorry for your loss,
    I worked alongside my dad to build up our business together. During that time we became friends. I occasionally find things to remind me of our time spent working on something.
    He will always be with you.
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