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  1. I've lusted after one for ages. This one's to perk up and keep - I think. Hopefully my daughter will appreciate when ....
    Until then, it'll be an old man's sunny day plaything. I got to ride it for the first time today; kinda different to my Ducati...
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  2. Enjoy !
  3. Nice ! Hope you get on well with it
  4. Come on you can tell us a bit more than that? What Ducati do you have? What are the great points of the bike?

    By the way it does look great!
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  5. Probably the most beautiful bike ever made, I’ve promised myself one of those for a while, congrats.
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  6. This is an F4 750 MY 2000. Needs the stone chips on the tail and nose sorting. Charge light flickers when revs go over 6K (I thought it was oil pressure and nearly had kittens). A b*****d to get out onto the road as the lock is APPALLING, and traps your thumbs, too. In the end, I gave up and dragged/lifted the rear around. It hates traffic and gets very hot very fast. Very "arse-up, head down" but once it gets up to speed, the wind takes the weight off the wrists, but might also take my licence from my wallet. Not as un comfy as I expected, but I'd rather take the Supersport on a 100-mile plus trip.

    My current Ducati is a 2018 Supersport with Akropovic and sounds lovely. The MV howls - IL4 - even when it's only doing 6-7K. Gawd knows what it'll be like at umpty more. I didn't Rev it high once I saw the flickering dash light.
  7. There was a lovely Nieman Marcus edition, number 1/10 on EBay, but I missed it, until I'd travelled and bought this one, then the NM vendor got in touch.... :-(
    Probably still available - down south though.
  8. A work of art,lovely.
  9. Timeless
  10. I had one for a while miss it

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  11. Here's my old one,not for the purists though.

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  12. Just on this one thing, it never ceases to amaze me at just how many people buy bikes and never do a full update on the unsures. In this case my first port of call would be to rule something out i.e. a complete system flush through then clean liquid/anti freeze at the right levels.

    I don't say that at you particularly ibg but I do have some chums who have never flushed a rad in 10 years of riding and owning bikes, they just assume they previous owner did it.

    This vid I found makes a fair point even if his presentation is a bit nervous

    As to it's head down bum up, I have no doubt when my turn comes to own an mv such as yours, after a long ride I will feel like an old man who has gone 15 rounds in a cagefull of 20 year old sex starved nymph's. A memory to be had but one my body might remember longer

    It looks beautiful sir and I'm rather envious
  13. Lovely:upyeah:meeting one of your heroes in life does it stack up:thinkingface:
  14. It doesn't take that long noobs. I used to want to be off mine after 15 mins, now that I'm older, I couldn't even imagine riding one at all these days. :tired_face:

    That being said, if the guy I sold it to wanted to part with it, I'd buy it back just for garage art. :heart:


    4 bins for good measure too @Ducbird :cold_sweat:
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  15. The cooling system should get a complete flush and new coolant once I've investigated everything. Apparently F4s are noted for overheating, particularly the initial bunch that only had a single radiator. Upper radiators are like hens' teeth, and the fins are distorted on mine, because there's no protection. The temp began at a steady 84, rose to 94 at lights, then up to 101 on the way home. It cools down to around 95-6 but takes some fast open-air running to do so. Some have fitted a manual switch.
  16. Bin visible behind the right-hand fork top. I substituted gas cylinders.
  17. Mine alwas ran hotter than I was used to with other bikes, I regularly saw 100°+ on the temp gauge in slow moving traffic.
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  18. The cooling fan is too close to the down pipes so they melt, you can get an alloy fan to replace the plastic one from the USA
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  19. MV.jpg
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