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My Other Ducati Is A Honda

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Dave1969, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. Like many of you boys and girls, I have other bike(s) - so, out of interest, not looking to sell, I looked on the bike trader site and found the same model for £4,999 but with 21k miles
    I'm at about 16k miles, so I'm guestimating a value of around £5,500?

    What do you guys reckon?

  2. Is that bike also a private sale?
  3. That looks mega low at the front :bucktooth:
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  4. Moved to other bikes section
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  5. Judging from the sign behind, it's a trade sale
  6. It may be how it's set up on the fork height
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  7. Bikes sold by dealers always ask £350 / £500 more than private sellers in my experience. Possibly buyers accept it because of finance being available, maybe warranty, or because people can take them back to sort out problems etc.
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  8. That looks like thunder road in Gloucester there a Honda dealer
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  9. The trouble with most of the Japanese motorcycles brightly colour schemes that you get bored after a while looking at same thing,certainly this is the case for me over the years.
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  10. That's very strong money for an RR5... with the upmost respect you can pick up 08-11 from a little over 5k with higher miles.. I got my 2011 HRC for a little over 6 from a dealer in March and it had Akra, lots of R & G and 9000 miles... if you can get 5k private I'd be surprised BUT if you don't ask you don't get...
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  11. I own a 2015 Fireblade and it's probably worth about £5k, I wouldn't pay more than £3750 for a 2005 model personally. 08-12 model Fireblades are realatively cheaper then rival superbikes in that year range as they are rather basic and aren't as powerful as competitors (R1/S1000RR/RSV4).
  12. I was looking on auto trader today , plenty of low mileage , 16 plates for under 8k , there was a very low mileage 17 plate for under 8k .
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