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My Pyrenees/ Northern Spain Tour

Discussion in 'Touring' started by Groundhog, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Got back yesterday from my 10 day tour of the Pyrenees and North East Spain. A two day ride from Caen down to Pau. Over the Pyrenees, I then headed east to La Seu d'Urgell towards Andora, A lot of that bit on the wonderful N260. Then south and on towards Zaragoza, from there Ainsa and Huesca. Then Burgos and up to a bit of the Picos and boat home from Santander. Only about four hours of rain on the whole trip. For the Llieda area I thoroughly recommend Moturisme, they have a web site. They have a brochure/map showing some fantastic routes and approved biker hotels. Just under 2000 miles and for me it was always going to be the proper test of my 1260s and it passed with flying colours, didn't miss a beat and the perfect bike for the trip. Here are a few pics
    20190625_130250.jpg 20190626_114458.jpg 20190622_141536.jpg 20190624_140635.jpg 20190619_101920.jpg 20190620_101113.jpg 20190619_140108.jpg 20190622_115050.jpg 20190619_134029.jpg 20190620_115600.jpg 20190621_105502.jpg 20190620_111938.jpg

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  2. Awesome photos and trip :) Well done :) Looks amazing.

    I just did about 2k miles from Caen, down to Picos and then home via Santander.
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  3. Were you on the Wednesday 26th boat?
  4. Did you do much off road? I'd be scared to do it on such a lovely bike.
  5. Nah - we left on 17th in the afternoon and docked in Plymouth (was meant to be Portsmouth but got routed to Plymouth) on the 18th June.
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  6. Well. I had one bit planned which was to Bardenas Reales national park. The second one my sat nav sent me up a mountain pass which got narrower and narrower and then turned to gravel, So I carried on and then it started to rain and I could hear thunder. I decided to carry on and it ended up being eight miles before I got back on tarmac. Wet gravel on a twisty mountain track on road tyres got the arse squeaking a bit!:astonished: 20190621_102622.jpg
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  7. On your own? Wow - you are WAY braver than me :)
  8. Sounds an awesome trip ,gotta love N260
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  9. Thanks but I'm not brave. I usually go with a mate, but haver always fancied doing a trip on my own and I really enjoyed it. I had it fairly well planned. I pre planned each days route on My Route app and transferred them to my sat nav. So each day I just had to press go and follow the route to my nights hotel, which I had pre booked on booking.com. It all worked perfectly apart from the un-planned off road excursion:rolleyes:
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  10. Yes what a road!!
  11. Some awesome backdrops there sir:upyeah:
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  12. I've only done one tour - but once I've done a few more I'm going to solo one too. Seriously lovely photo's - wish I could set off on that trip right now!
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  13. Make sure you do it! I was a little nervous about going on my own, but it ended up being the best trip I've ever done.
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  14. Agree with you ,i did the 260 last year on my own ,well met my misses on a beach who flew down loved riding on my own didn't have to chase a faster rider or wait for a slower one i just rode my own ride
  15. Yes, I loved the freedom and as you said riding at my own pace and pleasing myself. I took various detours from my planned routes. I also found being on my own I ended up meeting more people than I would have done in a group. Not least this bloke Maty who I came across at a fuel station. He has been cycling around the world for the last five years. Don't ask me how he rides that thing!! And to think I thought I had taken too much gear:thinkingface: 20190625_141708.jpg
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  16. Great to see your trip, well done.

    Interesting mods on the bike. The Corbin seat and MRA screen. Must’ve helped.
  17. Is Maty on litter collection duties.;)
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  18. Yes both did, particularly the seat. So comfortable!
  19. Nice trip a great part of Spain
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  20. Nice report

    Great part of the world to ride a motorcycle. Just had our annual Multistrada gathering in Formigal. I need to go back and do the N260 and the N260a again and again and again..... Quite outstanding roads.
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